How Comparing Car Insurance Prices Can Save You Money

Everyone knows that if you drive a car, you need to have car insurance. The purpose of car insurance is to make sure you are covered in the event of going wrong, such as if you get into an accident and need to make repairs to your car, or if you are injured and need to pay for medical car. So it’s easy to see why car insurance is so important, but how do you know if you are getting a good deal on it?

There are lots of factors that affect how much you pay for your car insurance: moving from one zip code to another could add $1000 to your quotes, for instance. Other factors that have an impact on the cost of insurance include the security of your car, where you park it overnight, how often you drive, your driving record, how long you’ve been driving, your age, whether the car is modified and the type of car itself.

With so many variables, you can see why different insurance companies might end up giving you different car insurance quotes. This is why it is so important to make sure you do your research whenever you need to buy or renew your car insurance. Even if you are happy with your current insurer and would like to keep using their services, it is always worth checking with at least a couple of others, as you never know if they will be able to offer you a better deal.

It’s thought that the average US consumer spends around 15-16% of their income on transportation, and it’s not much of a stretch to say that a majority of that is likely to be on cars and associated costs, such as insurance. This works out as a significant amount of money and so finding ways of reducing how much you pay is definitely worthwhile.

It’s also really easy to compare auto insurance quotes: there are now multiple websites that allow you to input your car insurance details and then it will calculate the cost of quotes with various providers for you. This is ideal for giving you a quick snapshot glance and a good idea of where the best deals are located. One thing to bear in mind, though, is that not all insurers are on comparison websites and so if you’re interested in a particular motor insurance provider, going direct to them to see what they have to offer is still a really good idea.

Talking to your current provider can also help: if you are able to go to them and tell them that other insurance companies are offering you cheaper car insurance, it might inspire them to offer you a similar deal and price match what the other firms are offering.

When looking for cheap car insurance deals, however, one thing to bear in mind is what is actually included in the policy. As well as getting a good deal on the price, you also need to be getting the cover you need, so make sure all of your criteria have been fulfilled before you make the decision to switch your insurance provider.

Guest Post by James

3 Responses to How Comparing Car Insurance Prices Can Save You Money

  1. So far my insurance company keeps being the lowest, thankfully. :-) Each term it seems to get a little cheaper too. Research is definitely important if you want to save money. I like your idea about letting your current company know what others are quoting you, it’s brilliant.

  2. I shopped car insurance three years ago. When I received their quote and shared it, no other company could match it. In most cases, just saying their name would stop them from competing.

  3. We drive old cars and have good records. Our rates are rock bottom! Thank goodness, because our condo insurance is really high!

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