Home Insurance and Antique Furniture

Home insurance can cover the cost of repairing or replacing your antique furniture. However, if you purchase an expensive piece check the limit specified in your home insurance policy document to make sure it is covered by your home insurance.

Whilst home insurance providers may offer unlimited cover for the contents of your home, limits will probably be specified for individual items. This limit could be as much as £15,000 on some home insurance policies but could be considerably less with cheap home insurance plans.

If you shop online to find cheap home insurance coverage, make sure that the limits stated in the home insurance policy documents are high enough to give you adequate cover for old antique furniture.

Which home insurance is best for antiques?

Reputable home insurance tends to cover damage to antique furniture in a wide variety of circumstances. Not only will theft and accidental damage be covered, damage caused by fire, smoke, earthquakes or even lightning could also be included in your home property and contents insurance.

Antiques can transform the feeling of your home. Dark woods such as mahogany and rosewood can establish a stately mood whilst lighter woods like pine can create a feeling of space and modernity. Walnut items often have a remarkable whorled grain that can create a stunning feature. Whichever wood you opt for, your antique piece should be covered by your home insurance.

Online auctions can be a great way to find unusual antique pieces. A variety of companies hold online auctions and this commercial enterprise continues to grow. In fact, one antique auction company turned over £30,000 in 2006 and by 2009 this figure had risen to £850,000. 1

If the idea of an online auction appeals to you, bear in mind that antique pieces can appear differently on screen; it is especially difficult to get an accurate sense of the size of a piece when looking at a photograph. If you are thinking of making an online purchase try to arrange a viewing before the auction date.

There are also companies that offer online valuations so if you have a piece of antique furniture and aren’t sure how much it is worth you can easily find out and inform your home insurance provider if necessary.

If you decide to invest in a particularly expensive piece and are concerned that it may not be included in your home insurance cover, speak to your home insurance provider. They may be able to alter your home insurance policy to include this new addition to your home’s interior.

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Guest Post by John Lewis


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