Happy 29th Birthday Evan

Happy 29th Birthday Evan

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My Fav. Cake!

Today is Evan’s 29th Birthday! I can’t believe how much has changed in my life from my 28th Birthday and even more so my 27th Birthday! Last year I put out two very lofty goals.

  1. Start a Family
  2. More Streams of Income

Not really my style to put out ridiculous goals without really explaining how to achieve them. Weak, Evan, Weak.  But lets see how I did anyway.


Last year I talked about our miscarriage and even had The Wife do a guest post on the subject.   From age 28 to 29 our number one goal was to start our family and we succeeded! Yours truly is going to be a pops!  We have about a month to go.  I haven’t talked about it much here but you can read my open letter to my child over at The Wife’s blog.

Streams of Income

This past year I have turned up the volume on this goal, as I have completely got rid of my credit card debt and currently slowly working on “operation horde cash” (see above for the reason lol) paying  the minimum on my auto loan, mortgage and student loans.

Notwithstanding, operation horde cash I have been working on these side projects,

Do I believe any of them, in of itself, will replace my day job? Nope, but they don’t have to yet, I currently really like my job.  The streams just have to help out with whatever goal I am working on at the time.

I think waiting until the end of December, after The Baby is born would make a more interesting goals and objectives post, so since this is my blog I am going to wait!

P.S. I accept link backs, tweets, and cash for gifts

18 Responses to Happy 29th Birthday Evan

  1. Happy birthday. Hope the success continues you. When i first started, my alternative sources of income didn’t come close to replacing my day job, but as the years went on, it gradually did =)

  2. Happy Birthday! Geez, I am getting old.

    Is that a Boston Creme pie cake? If so, that is my fave too!

    Congrats on the baby. Kids are the absolute best thing in the world. Also, don’t listen to all the whining about ‘wait until they are teenagers’. Teens can be fantastic.

    • I am old…I was telling my pops today that it might be time for a new hip. He then told me that the statement might be true if I don’t get back to exercising…OUCH

  3. Happy birthday!!!

    Wow you’ve accomplished so much under 30- amazing! (Seriously law degree, baby, money, blogging- that’s like more than some people do in a lifetime lol!)

  4. Happy birthday, Evan! It’s been fun getting to know you and your blog this past year.

    P.S. My son is the same age making me feel very old.

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