Is Going Green Important? How to Prove Your Business is Green

When it comes to good public relations, it seems that “Going Green” is the new tactic that everyone voices as important.  People seem to think that corporate social responsibility is vital for businesses looking to enhance their standing with customers and the local community, but I am always suspect at best.

First, how do you really know that the business is actually trying to better the environment and community or they are just trying to get the right business gas tariff or electricity tariff? Second, does that even matter if the ends (Greener world) justify the means (Selling Green)?

Here are three practical tips on how to use your business energy efficiencies to help enhance your reputation with this cynical blogger:

Three Tips on Using Green to Better Your Reputation

Back your green claims up with evidence

There are a number of ways in which you can do this. Some energy companies such as British Gas can help you to monitor your energy usage and provide a report on savings made. The other day I was at a Sprint Store and they had a sign that they use solar and wind power and all I can think was, “Yeah, but what percentage of that is actually powering your operation?”

Just Give me the Hard Numbers! Don’t sugar coat it – just say we are 10% on renewable energy but we are growing that daily.

Get accredited as environmentally friendly

A range of accreditations are available for businesses wishing to promote their energy efficiency. Get one, but also tell me why it is important as I don’t know one program from another.

I think the Government Program, Energy Star has done a great job at marketing their benefit. If a business were to have that rating I would know they are doing something right.

Get involved in local projects

I am not sure how a multinational corporation would get involved in this one but a “smaller” local business could easily improve their green reputation with a few local projects. There always seems to be a story every couple weeks about an elementary or middle school getting involved in an environmental campaigns and for very little investment you can gain some fantastic positive local coverage.

Having your business attached to it would calm this skeptic’s fears.


Do you buy when a business says they are going green or are you as skeptical as I am?

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  1. Personally I believe going green and supporting activities for the benefit of larger number of people are important things to consider when running a business.

    More investors now are into ethical investing. They invest on companies that support their beliefs. It is also worthwhile to note that those companies that give importance to ethics are the ones not affected (or not that much affected) by economic downturn.

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