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I wish the United States had a news Source that wasn’t always trying to push an agenda.  It always amazes me that you can watch the same a piece about the exact same topic on FoxNews and on MSNBC and it doesn’t even seem they are talking about something that occurred in the same year nevertheless the same exact occurrence.

The Financial Times has provided me with an amazing video that highlights some fascinating statistics throughout the world without the obvious spin put forth by the other guys.  Pay particular attention to:

  • GDP Size vs Growth
  • Education Spending vs Education Rankings
  • Annual Salary vs Pay Per Hour
  • Cost for Restaurant meal for 2, movie and taxi
  • Vacation Days
  • Happiness Rankings
  • Drinking



Would You Ever Consider Moving to Another Country?

Listening to some of the statistics from the video it makes me wonder if I could ever handle the culture shock that would obviously incur from moving to a Country like Brazil where they are the happiest
or Norway which works an entire day less than us.

Ignoring the obvious problem of a language barrier from most of the Countries named in the video, there would be a distance from my family and friends.  While I think it is a great that Eduardo Saverin decided to become an expatriate I just don’t think that move is for me.  His upside his hundreds of millions of dollars I would just be getting an extra day off!

Besides I am hoping to set myself up in a way that I too will have an extra day off eventually!  Ignoring all that is serious in the video, I am pretty shocked that Americans take down more drinks than Russia especially.  U.S.A.!

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4 Responses to Sponsored Video: Global Statistics Without the Spin by The Financial Times

  1. krantcents says:

    Although I have thought about living in other countries, it would be only a visit or perhaps an extended visit. There are too many connections here to leave such as family and friends. I don’t have a $Billion reasons to leave. I think life is what you make of it and you can be happy anywhere, so why not here (U.S.).

  2. That was a cool graphical representation, thanks! Makes me want to drink less, do my part to make our country more sober. :)

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