First Yakezie Milestone Carnival

I am very excited to host today’s Yakezie Carnival.  The Yakezie group started as a way for personal finance bloggers to help each other reach new levels by July 4, 2010 so for me to host the “last” carnival before the end of that first milestone is huge.

These posts took the initiative to search out an opportunity:

  • Joe from Personal Finance by the Book tells the story of how some friends and him were able to get great personal finance training incorporated into our local High School’s curriculum.
  • Daniel from Sweating the Big Stuff provides with a story of whether a little boy should pay his younger brother rent!  So he investigates whether the rent is a good deal
  • Kevin from Financially poor gives his opinion as to whether Bankruptcy is a Sin.  While Kevin’s post is amazing, it is the 22+ comments that should get you going!
  • Jamie from Eventual Millionaire highlights how important self esteem is when picturing your future self.
  • Geoff goes into 11 extreme ways to save on gas.  I have a huge problem with number 6!
  • I have given a lot of thought lately as whether to move to an Amex card, but Tim from Nerd Wallet gives us the 5 reasons to avoid the Amex Blue
  • Bucksome Boomer tells a story of a Restaurant with Suggested Prices.  The study shows that people are mostly honest and pay those suggested prices.
  • Timothy from the Wealth Artisan Team provides a way to save 95% on books!  I have never tried this way maybe I’ll look into it.
  • Is US Austerity Coming? Darwin’s Money Tries to Answer the Question.  We shall see!

Some other great posts

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13 Responses to First Yakezie Milestone Carnival

  1. Evan, Thanks for including me!

    Is your problem with #6 that you don’t want to relinquish control, or that as a fellow man you know that directions really are unnecessary distractions.

  2. Evan,
    Thanks for putting this Carnival together. We have indeed reached a milestone, so I appreciate helping make it special. Now…on to bigger and better things!

  3. I managed to come down from almost 10 million to 300,000 in the short time that I’ve been part of the carnival, so I’m pretty happy about that. Thanks for including me, as well; I didn’t get a pingback, but I eventually found myself in the list 😉

  4. Hey thanks for the link! (and doing this- I know how time consuming copying and pasting links can be =) )

    Hope you’re having a great Independence Day off!

  5. THANK YOU FOR LISTING MY “CATFIGHT” POST!! I really appreciate the mention. Best regards, Barb Friedberg

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