First the Alexa Rankings and Then The World

First the Alexa Rankings and Then The World

I recently joined a group of fellow personal finance bloggers with world domination in mind with a name that inspires war paint, dojos and loud manly screaming/grunting. The point of the group is to motivate each other to greatness which in my case means an eventual movie deal! Not everyone shares my goals to be made into a movie so putting that aside a main focus of the group is to increase our Alexa Rankings.

Alexa is an internet ranking system owned by Amazon. Some common rankings include:

  • Google is #1
  • Twitter is #12
  • Ebay is #24
  • FoxNews is #191
  • YouTube is #3

Want to know something Funny? FoxNews is 191, yet YouPorn is #62…pretty crazy right?

Well, Daniel of Sweating the Big Stuff was cool enough to create a spreadsheet so that everyone could check out how they were doing. Well since I want people to check out the others in the list I threatened Daniel’s safety for a chance to share the list with my readers. oh when I say threatened, I really mean I asked and he said yes, so the war paint I was wearing went completely to waste. Maybe next time he’ll put up a fight. There are 3 groups of us trying to fight to reach YouPorn status.  Specifically we have those sites trying to break the 50,000 mark, the 100,000 mark and the 200,000 mark.

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37 Responses to First the Alexa Rankings and Then The World

  1. MJTM – While I’ve personally never heard of YouPorn, I am hoping to be a peer of theirs one day:) Thanks for hosting!

  2. Hi Evan,
    Good post, now I’ve got a better view of my competitors.
    I’ve heard a lot about the Yakezie group, think it’s time i join. I’ve also read great post from Financial Samurai, i love his initiative.

  3. I still don’t know how to make the ratings go up?!? And my number is going down since I signed up, not up. :-)
    Glad to see that everyone else is doing well though. And I’ve never heard of youporn either. I guess that’s a good thing.

  4. Wow, its a travelin’ list.

    Hey, there is like 3 of us needed to climb up into the 100K list. 😉 Can I gain status???

  5. Great list. It looks like there is a lot of movement going one. A reshuffle of the groups is needed a bit. It’s definitely a tribute to success when you have to set a new goal because you blew away the old one. I guess the Yakezie is getting ready to

  6. Pardon this renegade rascal. I had thrown my hat into the challenge but until I received a gentle reminder from Greg-san just recently I was unaware that I had not completed all that I needed to :-( … except that since accepting the challenge my Alexa has been moving along nicely and should break the 200K barrier by the target date.

    Shall return to the stats & hosting site with regularity and perform other duties that I have been rather lax on.

  7. Its pretty incredible seeing how much some people have moved up. Its all about building up that traction and getting eyes to the site! Then they can see all the great content.

    • Its exciting to check my adsense page impressions and see how many hundreds upon hundres check out my site daily. I distinctly remember when it was like 22 page impressions a day. Even then I would think, “Yes! Someone other than The Wife, friends and family got a little piece of Evan today”

  8. Evan, that’s hilarious – I remember thinking the same thing – “hey, it’s not just my mom and wife checkin’ out the blog today!”

    Thanks for hosting!

  9. I love the mission! That is actually one of my favorite things to do! A lot of the times the small blogs have some o the coolest information! In addition I feel like a comment, or even a visit to the smaller blogs means so much more than to the big names.

  10. Heh, nice list, and great job hosting it. As for being surprised that YouPorn has a higher ranking than Fox News… Haven’t you ever heard that ‘The Internet is For Porn’? I was kind of surprised when I checked out the Alexa rankings that more porn sites weren’t among the top hundred or so. But then, perhaps the number of perverts is on a downward spiral…

    • I am almost positive that every single advancement for the internet was done with porn in mind. Streaming Video, Webcams, broadband?

  11. i’m finally on board. today i joined the challenge after lingering for two weeks on the decision to take.

  12. Welcome to the group! I have really enjoyed my time in it, and think that is has DEFENITELY benefited me a lot! The community is really great and supportive!

    Again, Welcome!

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