My Favorite Saying and a Cool New Personal Finance Blogging Group


This has very little to do with personal finance, but since its my blog I’ll share it anyway!  I am completely stealing this from my boss, but one of my favorite sayings is,

I want to Build a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

I use it all the time.  I used it today when I met my CPA and he explained how he wants to set up an attorney to rent space from him and draft Wills for his client base (if this works out I am sure I’ll write all about it).  I used it last week when a someone wanted to set up a blogging relationship with me.  I used it last month when I spoke to a group of planners at work.

Why Do I Love the Saying Mutually Beneficial Relationship?

When I enter into most relationships, it is usually my goal for both parties to be in a better position at the end.  While this might not apply to friends and family, it is absolutely in the front of my mind when entering into business or semi-business relationships.  This leads us to…

The Yakezie Group

Financial Samurai has started a group known as the Yakezie Group of bloggers who  have a shared goals of,

  • Getting on the Wise Bread’s top 100 PF (has to do with boring internet stat stuff)
  • Provide Motivation
  • Maybe earn some cash

Currently it is made up of 35+ bloggers helping each other and it has provided me a new sense of motivation.  My site went from the high 170s to the 112th spot (as of typing this) in about 6 weeks!  Bad ass.  You should check out the entire group at – Sweating the Big Stuff’s Round Up.  The list includes some of the big boys all the way down to people who only have a handful of posts under their belt.

What is your favorite saying? How do you view non-personal relationships?

15 Responses to My Favorite Saying and a Cool New Personal Finance Blogging Group

  1. Nice work creating the page Evan!

    That’s fantastic you went from 170 to 112! You are knocking on the door of page 1!

    Best, Sam

  2. Mrs. Money says:

    I think that is a GREAT saying!

    The challenge has been so fun. I have to admit- I LOVE the pf blogging guys! You all really are the best. :)

    • Evan says:

      It is a really helpful group. It is weird feeling to email someone that is making approximately 20X more than I am with blogging AND RECEIVE AN E-MAIL BACK

  3. Kevin M says:

    That is a good saying, Evan. I try to use it too with my clients.

    Good luck with the Wisebread list, I’m enjoying your blog since I found it a few weeks ago.

  4. Kevin M says:


  5. Daniel says:

    Awesome list. I love that everyone has their own talent and is helping out in their own way. Having people who know how to code is definitely helpful.

    I keep laughing at the little twitter bird that is hiding behind your wallpaper in top right corner of your header. Awesome.

    • Evan says:

      Want to know what sucks about that little bird? It took me hours to get it there. But now that I know how to do it – I can replicate it in about 20 mins.

  6. LeanLifeCoach says:

    Non-personal relationships are a integral part of life. The world has become too interconnected not to have them and not to use them to your mutual benefit. What’s great is when a non-personal relationship grows into a true friendship.

    Favorite saying – “Of all our human resources, the most precious is the desire to improve.” – Fortune Cookie

  7. I’m having a blast in the group…

    Hey, that a pretty nice Yakezie page you created!!!

    Thanks for including my site on your page :)

  8. Monevator says:

    Hey, I like the Yakezie page – pretty useful! I’m going to bookmark it to keep an eye on what’s new. Honoured to be in the mix, Evan.

  9. Congrats Evan on the big move up in the rankings!

  10. FinEngr says:

    Evam –

    Should we ever meet in person, you MUST promise me we shake hands like in the photo… In public, on the street.

    HA, classic homer.

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