What To Do When Looking at Accredited Online Colleges

Web based services are totally changing the way people learn, and online degree programs have grown dramatically in recent years. They have become a very attractive option for people with hectic and restrictive schedules. Online classes are a great way to get a quality education at a pace and rate that works for the individual. It’s important to note that not every online degree program is worth the money. You need to consider many things when you’re looking at different programs including:


You should always ensure that a program is listed as one of the accredited online colleges before enrolling. You have to do some background checks on any college, and don’t just take a school’s word for it just simply because they have a home campus.

Online degrees go through the exact same process of becoming accredited as a traditional university. They are reviewed by the National Education Association and must comply with educational standards. Just make sure that before you sign any checks or enroll in class the school is totally above board.

Do Some Interviews

Whether they have a home campus or the university is strictly online, the school in question should still have an admissions department. Talk to one of their admission counselors to find out what type of support network they have. Even if it’s through phone or web services, you want to know what their policy and assistance they have in place for the students and teachers.

See if you can contact any of the instructors to see if you can gather some more information on any of the other programs. Find out if there’s an online community that you can get access to so you can talk with some other students before you make your decision. Finally, you should download any information that you can find on the teachers, course descriptions, and feedback they’ve received. Try to reach out to Alumni and see how they view their overall experience


Testimonials are an excellent way to get some insight into the learning process, courses, and the overall experience that the school takes. This is an important resource, but when you’re looking at different schools, you’re obviously going to see the best face possible. If you’re searching through their site and you’re seeing a lot of shinning testimonials that praise the program for all that it’s done, don’t stop there. Look for further reviews through other online sources.

Often times people see a nice big campus and think that the program must be quality. Remember, there are many quality universities that may have a good track record with their traditional classes but may have a terrible online program. Don’t be wowed by the look of a campus. Rely on the numbers. Sometimes it’s the smaller schools that end up having a way better online program than some of the most prestigious colleges and universities. Follow some of these tips and don’t ever be afraid to ask or question. This is, after all, your education and your money.

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  1. Accreditation is something that is critical when considering an online school. There are so many of them now they seem to pop up over night, but you want to make sure they are legal and will give your degree the clout it needs to help you be successful.

    Not sure how many schools will allow to you to speak with the online professors, but never can hurt to try.

  2. Is the NEA a national accreditation agency? From my research, the only accreditation that matters is regional accreditation from one of the 6 recognized accreditation institutions by the US Department of Education.

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