Direct Car Excess Reveiw provides insurance to cover the excess on your hire car insurance, which can often add up to hundreds of pounds or maybe more. They know that hiring a car can be a source of worry especially when trying to sort out an insurance claim, and aim to provide a quick and easy service for people who need that extra reassurance and are unsure of the do’s and don’ts when hiring a car.

On first viewing the site you can straight away see what they are offering as there are banners on the main page showing their deals and prices for both cars in Europe, and worldwide. You can find out more just by clicking them. This will take you to a page briefly outlining exactly what will be covered in their policy and the different types you can go for, for example their multi-trip, annual insurance or simply paying per number of days. The site is simple to navigate and it is quick and easy to read up on the types of insurance, without having to go through a lengthy quote form. You can even have a look at a full policy document without having to actually get a quote or buy the insurance.

Another great feature is that their customer services number is provided in the top-right hand corner of every page, along with the times their lines are open. This may not seem like much, but it is refreshing to see an insurance website being transparent about their customer services instead of putting these details on a well-hidden ‘contact us’ page somewhere in the bowels of the site. Unfortunately, many company’s these days are trying to cut back on their human interaction and relying more and more on automating every service possible. Direct car excess, however are giving customers who prefer to have a conversation with an advisor before purchasing, that option.

Then we come to the quote form. Finding the form is easy as 123 with a quote box on the right hand side of any part of the site. All the customer has to do is provide where they are travelling (which is nice and easy as there are only three options), whether they want insurance calculated by how many days or a multi-trip annual policy, and what dates they will be hiring the car. It will come up with a price for you, ask you as few questions as possible to check your eligibility and before you know it you are on the payment section. It really couldn’t be easier than on direct car excess. This view seems to be entirely shared by the many satisfied customers who have shared their reviews on feefo where this site has a 4.5/5 rating and who better to judge than their customers themselves?

Overall the site is brilliant. Easy to use, transparent about policies and customer service and offering valuable excess insurance for travellers who don’t want to get caught in the lurch.

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  1. Nik says:

    Thanks for sharing and letting us know how good that website is. I am now thinking and I might check their services for me to know more about Direct Car Excess policies.

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