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What is Your Day Job or Profession?

Whenever I get a comment I always wonder what makes up that person.  I will admit that I literally click on every link and check every site that is embeded in my comments.  One one hand I am curious, and would be happy to discover a new site to read, on the other I want to make sure that they didn’t link to garbage.

That Curiousity then leads me to wonder, what do YOU during the day?  So I am not sure the response I’ll get but this blogger wants to know about you instead of just putting my annoying awesome opinion out there once again.

So People Tell me what you Do during those hours when you aren’t sleeping or doing what you REALLY want to do?!

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Evan is the owner of My Journey to Millions which was started to track his journey from a broke debt ridden law school graduate to building a balance sheet that would make most proud.  He has been married for 4 years and is the father of an awesome 2 year old boy.  Need more Evan? Follow him on Twitter, Contact him or get new posts directly to your email


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