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Reducing your energy costs in parallel to increasing your energy efficiency has never been easier. With exceptionally low rates from British Gas electricity combined with a package of perks for joining the country’s leading energy provider, going green has never been so economically beneficial for UK customers.

British Gas electricity packages are brimming with benefits. Depending your requirements, British Gas energy experts will tailor their services to present you with the very best products and prices on your household resources.

Fixed rate, fixed term contracts are great if you want the security of an agreement which caps your payments for an elected period of time. Getting to grips with your finances allows you to budget for bills and plan for little luxuries such as family breaks, which are increasingly becoming a rarity for the typical UK household.

Splurging unnecessarily on the basics in life is no way to spend your hard earned cash. In April 2012, Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg spoke of the new legislation surrounding UK energy tariffs. From autumn 2012, British Gas and a handful of other recognised UK energy suppliers, have entered a government scheme to help reduce the cost of both gas and electricity bills. They aim to do so by informing individuals, honestly, of the best tariffs available in line with their energy consumption.

Speaking of the proposal in relation to the current cost of living, Clegg affirmed;

“We need to get bills as low as possible. I know that many families are struggling with rising energy bills. We can’t control volatile world energy prices. But we can still help people get their bills down.”

This change in the way our resources are sold could instantly save you substantial amounts each year. As a trusted supplier, British Gas electricity and gas rates will be monitored vigilantly and their customers will be contacted annually to be informed of any better prices and packages based on their ever changing consumption.

You don’t have to wait until autumn to secure the best deal on your energy. Changing tariffs is not a new concept, the option has always been available, yet 75 per cent of customers failed to switch to more monetarily rewarding plans in 2011.

Call British Gas electricity advisors and query your current usage, ask if you are currently benefiting from a tariff which suits your level of energy efficiency.

Those who love to be in control of their spending will find EnergySmart™ from British Gas a useful online tool. The service can be added to any of the British Gas electricity tariffs, and allows you to monitor the use of electricity in your home.

From this platform customers will gain a newly informed perspective of their daily routines and habits in conjunction with energy expenditure. The facility may highlight areas during your day when you are using electricity unnecessarily, wasting ecological and economic resources.

Improve your energy efficiency by turning off electrical equipment when it is not being used. Leaving a computer processor running and its monitor switched on is a common habit in many UK households. The increase in the number of games consoles and laptops means that in a large family of four to five, switching off a personal laptop or gaming device each evening could save your family over £150 per year.

Lighting equates to up to 40 per cent of your energy bill, so it goes without saying that changes to the way you light your home can really improve your cost efficiency.

Scrap standard light bulbs and fit energy saving bulbs into all of your light fittings. Originally costly, low wattage bulbs are now available in bargain stores and from DIY stores at increasingly low prices. Typically lasting ten years or more and with savings of up to £10 per bulb, per year, switching to energy efficient lighting is an obvious option.

If you receive your resources from two individual companies, consider the benefits of entering the British Gas electricity and gas Duel Fuel scheme. Switching suppliers so that both fuels are provided by British Gas can save you in the region of £15 every year.

Monitor your family’s energy consumption with EnergySmart™, make positive changes to your household’s environmental impacts and reduce your yearly resource spend significantly. Consider rates, tariffs, energy efficiency and suppliers – though savings are often small in size, together they equate to a big cost cutting triumph.

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