Current Discover Card Promotions

Current Discover Card Promotions

The Wife always makes fun of me when we got out because I always try to use my Discover Card, and she gets a kick when a waiter tells me they don’t take it!  But I don’t care because I love my discover card because of the 1 to 5% cash back rewards I get!

There are some ridiculous deals out there with cashback and balance transfers and even on purchases!  Check out some details.

Current Discover Promotions





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2 Responses to Current Discover Card Promotions

  1. I love my Discover card but unfortunately there are many places that still do not accept Discover. There are always great transfer balance opportunities with Discover if you continue to pay off your balance.

  2. @ Jesse – They usually have good promotional terms for balance transfers (aka the occasional no balance transfer fee card) however if you obtain the card outside of a promotional period you’ll be hit with a higher BT fee than most other cards offer (citi, chase, etc)…but they probably will give you a longer 0% intro period to make up for it. Right now they have a 24 month 0% promo period with the More Card

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