Claiming after a Car Accident

Car accidents are never a pleasant experience no matter how harsh the impact.  Confidence and your general driving expertise can come into your conscious even if you were not to blame.  Experienced drivers with many years of driving under their belt have been known to resist driving again after a smash.  Even the most confident among us may find that nerves get the better of them and anxiety, even if resisted can rear its head.

When you are not at fault for a car accident it is always worthwhile making a claim for compensation.  If doubt as to who is to blame arises then experienced dispute resolution solicitors should be sought.  Many car accidents result in a straight forward claim process when obvious driver error has occurred.  If you do suffer a serious injury, or a dispute occurs ensure a specialist solicitor is recruited to ensure you get your full entitlement.

The following information will help when it comes to following the compensation process:

Notify the police and insurance company as you’re able but do not admit liability to anyone.  It is the work of the police to discover what happened and as long you are in a fit enough state you should give them as much information as possible.  The police will take statements from all parties involved and any witnesses present.  Evidence gathering is essential in making a future claim so be as descriptive and comprehensive as possible.  Take pictures yourself and get the other drivers insurance details, providing you’re in a fit enough state.  Don’t limit what you take pictures off following the accident, take shots of your car, other vehicles involved and any markings on the road and the layout of the road.  If the area was busy with people speak to anyone who witnessed it and ask if they would be prepared to provide a statement and make themselves contactable at a later date.

It’s the job of solicitor, who you should is experienced in dealing with road traffic accidents, to forward details of the claim to the other driver’s insurance company.  It’s after the other driver’s insurance company has received this information that disputes can arise.  Driver fault is usually admitted when the accident is straightforward driver error.  The majority of insurance companies do not want to pay out large sums of money if they consider a remote chance exists of them not having to doing so.  Your dispute resolution solicitor will ensure all evidence that supports your case is provided to ensure you the greatest chance of success with the claim.  If the case does end up going to court, then although it could take longer your solicitor will ensure you get what you deserve and chances are it will pay off in the long run.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Good post. Accidents are tough to deal with, especially when they aren’t your fault!

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