What is the Debt Snowball and Creating a Spreadsheet to Implement It

When I first started this blog, it's main goal was to keep me accountable especially with regards to erasing the debt that had crept into my life.  I felt the blog would keep me accountable while I shared my monthly updates of debt reduction.  Fast forward a few years and debt eradication just isn't a huge part of my life anymore (thankfully).  Notwithstanding, I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker and it inspired me to revisit the idea of a debt snowball as a way to pay down debt. Steps Needed Before You Build Your Debt Repayment Plan This may seem obvious to [...]

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Collecting Online Rent Payments

Unless one is firmly rooted in a 20th Century mentality, chances are they write very few checks anymore. With the emergence of debit cards, online banking, online bill payments and direct deposit, many people rarely even handle cash. In many cases, the only check people write is for rent. As a landlord or property manager, collecting rent by check isn’t the worst way you could go about it. You could accept cash and struggle to maintain accurate records, you could allow installment payments which require more time on your end to keep track of. But if you are still requiring tenants to [...]

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Here’s How to Make a Stress-Free Plan for Retirement

The world’s population is ageing, fast. We’re making increasingly health-conscious choices, and many of us are living well into our eighties and beyond as a result. That’s great – but it means we have a significantly longer retirement to save towards than our parents did. Making sure you’re prepared can seem a gargantuan task. But fear not – it doesn’t have to be scary. You can ready yourself for your later years with just a few small lifestyle changes. Here they are: 1) Start early It’s never too soon to think about the future. Beginning to save in your twenties could really [...]

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Be Careful When Rolling Options

When closing an secondary (or tertiary) option leg it needs to cover the original rolled put for the trade to be profitable.  Reading that sentence over again, it probably makes absolutely zero sense to some, and seem painfully obvious to others.  Either way, I learned this lesson the other week, and it was not readily apparent to me so maybe it isn't to others. Rolling Out of an In the Money or Near the Money Put I have been selling naked puts to create additional income to invest in dividend paying stocks.  My goal is to sell naked puts with a large [...]

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