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Tax Mechanics of Intra-Family Loans

This post was inspired by a post titled, “Lending Money to Family and Friends” on a great blog fivecentnickel.   What are the Tax Mechanics of an Intra-Family Loan? Let me say this first: This is not a post about whether one should make loans between family members or friends, as such you may find itContinue Reading

Credits, Deductions, Oh My! Summary of Recent Income Tax Changes

I was doing research on the recent changes in income taxes for one of the planners at my office, and I came across one of the coolest sites summarizing the changes (that is if you can describe any kind of tax stuff as “cool”).   I am only going to highlight those income tax changes in 2008Continue Reading

Meeting my CPA Tomorrow What Should You Bring when Meeting to do Your Taxes

Well technically, since I am writing this post-12am on Sunday night/Monday morning it is today, but lets ignore that for now.  Weather permitting (anyone else out there on “the island” getting nailed by snow?), the Wife and I are meeting with our accountant/CPA that was recommended by a co-worker, and I need to figure outContinue Reading

The Government may owe YOU Money – Be careful when doing your 2009 Taxes

While reviewing The Wall Street Journal’s Personal Finance Site, I came across a great article written by Tom Herman titled, “Early Filers Piles on Errors.”  Mr. Herman highlights Most people who got a payment last year won’t qualify for an additional credit on their 2008 return. But millions of people who didn’t get anything, orContinue Reading

Increase Federal Taxation on Gas? What the Hell!

This is not so much a personal finance post but rather a rant about those ridiculous people in Washington which will eventually affect every reader’s wallet.  I am not sure where I heard it first but it seems that some smart people in Washington think nowis the time to increase the federally imposed tax on each gallonContinue Reading

Long Term Care Insurance may be State Income Tax Deductibility

I learned something yesterday that I figured I would share with my readers.  Not sure how many of readers actually own Long Term Care Insurance but I learned something about yet another positive about it. Before getting into what I learned and want to share, a quick definition of long term care insurance.  Rather thanContinue Reading