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Long Term Care Insurance May be Federal Income Tax Deductible

I have discussed in the past that Long Term Care Insurance may be state income tax deductible, but I have never really went into the federal tax aspects Long Term Care Insurance. Luckily, I don’t have to.  Every year there is an update released by The Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification. My Opinion of LongContinue Reading

There are Many Ways to Commit Tax Fraud

Most people assume that the only way to commit tax fraud is not to pay it or to lie on those documents.  However, in New York, and probably most other jurisdictions, there are numerous ways to commit tax fraud. Like the Federal Government, and most other States, New York is short on tax revenue and inContinue Reading

Want to See Your Marginal Tax Rate if Health Care Surtax Passes?

It almost seems inevitable at this point in our history that marginal tax rates will increase.  Now, they (read: government) wants to start charging a surtax? I am not sure why it is called a surtax rather than just calling it what it is – an increase of your income taxes. The Tax Foundation isContinue Reading

The IRS Produces Videos for the Deaf in American Sign Language (ASL) to help them Understand Recent Tax Changes

When I discussed the best cell phone service for deaf or hard of hearing people I mentioned that my brother was deaf (yes, I know Sign Language).  So, whenever I hear something about deaf life or culture I have more than a general interest.  So, thanks to Kay Bell of Don’t Mess with Taxes forContinue Reading

Writing the IRS in Response to Increase in Income due to 1099-C – Five Rules when Replying to the IRS

As I previously posted about, I learned that, Cancellation of Debt is Taxable Income, when my brother received notice that a creditor he had settled with 2 years ago filed a 1099-C for a deduction for Cancellation of Debt.  Luckily he has a brother who is nice and is willing to do research for him.Continue Reading

Cancellation of Debt May be Taxable Income

I learned a very interesting lesson today that I thought I’d share with everyone.  It is not a new lesson in fact I remember it from Federal Income Tax class but haven’t heard about it in years.  It was years, until my brother grabbed me in between my 8th and 9th beer on the 4thContinue Reading