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Who Supports our Country? The Wealthy Pay Provide Most of Income Taxes

I know the title may be a tad dramatic, but I read an article from The Economist where the Author makes note that the deficit had been reduced (from 2004 to 2007) by, at least in part, due to the increase in income taxes from the wealthy getting wealthier in this country.  Take a momentContinue Reading

Why does the Auto Industry Lease Cars?

This post is not your usual Personal Finance Blog post (although I like to think most of my stuff isn’t the “usual”).  This is not a post discussing whether I am going to lease or finance my next car. Rather, I have had a burning question that I couldn’t find an asnwer for, by theContinue Reading

Inflatable Union Rat – Why?!

Maybe this post is personal finance, maybe it is not…but since it is my blog I can rant if I want to.  For the past 4 or 5 months on my way home from work I pass a construction site with a HUGE inflatable rat.  Everyday there are 3 to 4 guys who sit nextContinue Reading

Top 5 Finance Sites

I spend an healthy amount of time on the Internet, so I figured I would share my favorite 5 free finance related sites.  The reason I limited the list to free is not due to alliteration, but rather I am part of the generation that assumes everything on the Internet should be free, including great information.  I decidedContinue Reading