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Is the IRS Getting Smarter or is The IRS Attacking the Wealthy Yet Again?

Last year, I wrote that it was inevitable that Estate Audits were Going to Increase.  The reason Estate Audits were going to increase was inevitable - there were/are less people who are subject to the estate tax, but no auditors were being fired (i.e. they have nothing else to do lol). Well it seems that there isContinue Reading

Best New Show on Television – Shark Tank

I have found easily the best new show on television.  It is called Shark Tank!  From Wapedia, Each episode features a series of investment proposals from the owner(s) of a business. The presentation must request a specific sum of money from the Sharks and offer up a certain percentage ownership stake the business in exchange.Continue Reading

5 Great Ways to Find Free or Low Cost Legal Services No Matter Where you Live

I received an interesting email the other day, in response to one of my posts where I explained what Default Judgments are, how they affect your credit score and what you should do if you find one on your credit report.  This woman in San Jose, Cali wrote, paid fees about request to remove defaultContinue Reading

Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966

I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in Project 2,996, and to make it even more special this is my 200th post.  Project 2,996 is a project by Dale Challener Roe.  Bloggers request to honor someone who had passed away during that horrible event.  Being that my older brother is FDNY, I askedContinue Reading

Personal Finance as told by Sonic the Hedgehog

A while ago I wrote a fun post about how Legend of Zelda could teach you about personal finance.  Well this past Friday, I powered up the Wii and was reminded that I bought Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and couldn’t help but loading it up (mostly due to that SEGA Chant). It took less thanContinue Reading

Should you Dream about Winning the Lottery?

Forget your personal/religious feelings when it comes to gambling, or even your view of state sponsored gambling (i.e. the lottery) when it comes to a public policy or as it relates to taxes, it is fun and cheap to play for the slight chance of a win a ton of cold cash. We all knowContinue Reading