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I Can’t Believe I have Been Blogging for 4 Years

On August 5th of 2008 I put up my first post.  I had no idea if anyone would read about my journey, nevertheless care about what was going on in my life, but I wanted to share my thoughts with whoever wanted to read them.  Since putting that first post up I have seen somewhereContinue Reading

Why Does Everyone Hate on Financial Planners? Defending Financial Advisors

Almost every personal finance blog out there (even the best of the best on my blogroll) hates on financial planners, financial advisors, investment advisors, etc., but I don’t understand all the expressed hatred.  A financial advisor could be very useful for those that need help, despite all the negative information out there. Before even starting, I willContinue Reading

How Financial Planners SHOULD Act

Due to my position at work, I get a ton of trade magazines on a daily basis.  It just so happens that “trade” in this case means law, money, financial planning magazines so that is pretty okay with me!  In my daily flipping to find out if anything life breaking has occurred I came across aContinue Reading

How to Choose a Financial Planner – 7 Tips by Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal Writer, Shelly Banjo offers, “Seven Questions to Ask When Picking a Financial Adviser.”  I am a huge fan of the article because Ms. Banjo is nonjudgmental of the financial advisor role but rather offers 7 sound questions to ask someone vetting for your trust. Let me say this first, and I haveContinue Reading

When to Fire your Financial Advisor / Adviser

When to Fire your Financial Advisor / Adviser Believe it or not, despite the recent volatility and drop very few planners at my office have been fired by clients!  I will go into the reason a little later (or at least my humble theory).  While revewing the Personal Finance section at WSJ Online – I came across a great article writtenContinue Reading

How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors – It is Harder than you Think

As I have stated, I constantly read’s Personal Finance Section online, I find that their articles are usually interesting and informative; well tonight I read an article which was neither.  It was titled, “How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors” written by Mary Pilon.  It was obviously (in my humble opinion) written by Ms.Continue Reading