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Sort your finances: move up the career ladder

The wolf’s at the door again, and this time he’s got a warrant from creditors. He’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll take your telly from you to pay off your debts. So goes the modern tragedy of financial disaster. No matter how much we aspire to head on our journey to millions, a billion… Continue Reading

History meets gaming – the oldest casinos in Europe

Europe was the birthplace of the casino industry, which has turned Las Vegas and Atlantic City into veritable Meccas for gamblers – and made several individuals filthy rich. But Europe was for a long time subject to a prohibition on gambling, which has caused most such establishments to close. But the buildings – those marvelous… Continue Reading

Keeping Track of My 2015 Football Activity

The only sport I pay attention to is Football, and boy do I really get into it!  Ever year I put money towards a few leagues without any record of whether this is a profitable endeavor.  I am going to change that this year!  Maybe if I can figure out a pattern over a few… Continue Reading

How to Stay Safe when Shopping Online

Online shopping has been a godsend for most people who don’t like going to the local store. The only problem here is safety: how safe are you from hackers and cyber thieves looking to steal your banking details? Online threats are on the rise and getting more sophisticated each day. If you rely heavily on… Continue Reading