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Can gambling be a steady secondary source of income?

With the uncertainty that the global economy is currently afflicted by, a lot of people are seeking to give themselves greater security by taking on additional part-time jobs on top of their full-time work – as a way of boosting their finances. People in this situation choose many different jobs to accomplish this aim and one that has become a more favoured option is gambling – mainly due to the general increase in its popularity that online casino has led to. For those who know little about gambling, it might seem implausible that anyone could earn a steady, regular income from it [...]

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What Does a Corporate Lawyer Need?

Corporate Lawyers are among the most well paid in the legal world. The average wage in the UK for a corporate lawyer is over £58,000, with the highest outliers exceeding this by far. For a career that largely avoids the adversarial stress of being a criminal barrister. It is nonetheless a taxing career, and qualifying to practice is not the same as having the skills you need to be a good corporate lawyer. We’ve got a handy guide to some of the additional qualities you need to thrive as a lawyer in the corporate world. Independence The image of lawyers popularised by [...]

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The Evolution of Poker

Poker has been on an incredible journey since it first appeared in the 1800s. The game has come full circle, from a simple card game enjoyed by working people on America's frontier into the high-stakes gambling houses of Europe and Las Vegas and straight back into the mainstream. It now appeals to people from all walks of life, with celebrities often mixing with amateur poker players in tournaments across the globe. Despite its age, it has never lost its appeal, even after going through many iterations and changes. The first game of poker was allegedly played in New Orleans in 1829, before [...]

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How Much Does it Take to Destroy the Status Quo?

Been watching a great show recently called Genius which is about Albert Einstein's life starting from what seems like his teenage years up until his attempt to get to the United States before/during the rise of the Nazi Party.  The story is told in a nonlinear fashion so I am getting pieces all over a 30 year span.  I am sure the show is only going to get better and more detailed.  I am sure it is dramatized but there is one theme that keeps coming up over and over, how Einstein broke the status quo.  Einstein is in class getting shot [...]

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How Does the LA Economy Compare to the Rest of the Nation?

The city of Los Angeles has come a long way since its quiet start nearly 150 years ago. What started as a small farming community with deep cultural and religious underpinnings grew into a bustling urban center, now well-known for its elite residents and big, cutting edge business environment. The city’s economy has grown exponentially over the years, thanks in part to a population of more than 10 million people churning out gross domestic product of nearly $700 billion. The companies that call LA home span widely in industry and size, but there is a notable wind of creativity, innovation, and diversity [...]

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