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Secrets of Sustained Success with Part Time Jobs

Most professionals undertake part-time to take care of their growing financial concerns. Their need to get expensive professional degrees like MBA, looking after their parents and children, are all taken care of through part-time jobs. Many times part-timers have to work for more hours than they’d like to. There are also times when part-timers understand that slowly but surely their criticality in their organization fades away. However, after a two-generation struggle, master time management experts, professionals, and multi-taskers have come up with strategies that can help you attain sustained success in your part time and freelance ventures. Being Organized: Whether you work [...]

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The Best Ways to Stay Comfortable and Healthy on a Long Flight

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you may sometimes struggle with the constant grind of going on multiple long haul flights a year. Frequent air travel can sometimes make you feel sluggish or under the weather, even when you’ve long since landed. There are some ways you can help make yourself feel better during and after your longest flights. The key is to prepare ahead of time and to practice several techniques to help you feel at your best when you finally get to your destination. Here are the best ways to stay comfortable and healthy on a long flight. Stay Hydrated [...]

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Invest in These Industries: The USCIS Favorite List

Each visa demands a specific process. Within the process exists separate, albeit similar, requirements. Within those requirements are suggestions. Such suggestions exist to aid the applicant; suggestions are used to increases chances of likelihood and potential for success. The question is, then: Are you heeding suggestions for your visa application? Keep reading to learn more. While many applicants are strong candidates, not all candidates are aware of the undisclosed tricks of the trade. What does this mean? The USCIS doesn’t simply approve applications that include the proper documentation and meet all the requirements. While these elements do, indeed, amplify the probability of [...]

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Most People Can’t Build Wealth Trading Time for Money

I was in a meeting with a consultant a few weeks back when she said something so simple, yet so profound.  She stood up there and said, Most People Can't Build Meaningful Wealth Trading their Time for Money The topic of the meeting was creating processes to work smarter versus working hard with the real focus on those building a career in the financial services industry.  Notwithstanding the topic or setting of the meeting at the simplistic and succinct statement. Trading Money for Hours is Not a Way to Build True Wealth She is obviously not a pioneer in the field of [...]

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DollarDig Review

Dollar Dig is a retail receipt website that allows customers to purchase items directly from manufacturers while getting money back. Dollar Dig works by passing along funds to the user that are given to websites by companies for attracting customers. While there are many coupon websites, none quite serve their customers in the same way as Dollar Dig. The first thing I noticed about Dollar Dig is the interface. It’s intuitive to use and features large, easy to read and understand font. You can browse by category such as electronics or apparel or you can search for a specific store on their [...]

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