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How To Protect Your Pipes For The Cold Weather Months

As cold weather makes it way across the United States, places that don’t typically have to worry about frozen pipes might just find themselves doing so. In colder regions, frozen pipes are typically accommodated for with building codes and specifics about where you can and can’t install the pipes. In the southern regions, there aren’t that many regulations, which means that pipes might be more susceptible to freezing if you don’t take special precautions when the temperature dips. If a pipe bursts, not only can it flood your home - it can also disrupt your water service, which is a huge hassle. [...]

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Why Tiny House Building Is The Newest Trend Sweeping Home Construction

Tiny house construction might seem like a new concept, but back in the day, a tiny house was what people could afford and all that they wanted. As a return to only needing what you have and only having what you need, the tiny house is allowing people to ditch their obsession with the material world and find their way back to what really matters: living and communing with nature. So what is so alluring about tiny house construction? It isn’t just about having a minimalist point of view; it also saves you from accumulating things that don’t mean anything, and above [...]

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What Is a Church-Controlled Organization Entity Type?

A church-controlled organization entity type is a religious organization or similarly qualified organization that is exempt from paying Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes. Social security tax, Medicare tax and other taxes related to employee wages are among some of the exempt. Despite not needing to pay taxes, church-controlled organizations must still apply for a tax ID. What Qualifies as a Church? To be considered a church-controlled organization, the entity must meet at least five requirements. Operation cannot be illegal Operation cannot partake in political campaigns Activities may not influence laws Private individuals or stakeholders cannot benefit from net income Must operate exclusively [...]

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6 Must Have Money Saving Apps

Especially in today’s economy, it’s important to find smart, easy, and efficient ways to save money. All of us are doing what we can to stay committed to our monthly spending budget, while at the same time getting the most bang for our buck. Whether you’re making money online with Oberlo, or working on your feet every day at the local diner, you find yourself frustrated with the usual strategies for saving money. There must be something better out there. Luckily, there is something better: money-saving apps. Just take a look to find out which ones work best for you: Clarity Money [...]

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When to Hire a Traffic Lawyer

There are many situations in ones life that require legal help. Things like starting a business, getting a divorce, buying property, criminal activity, bankruptcy, and creating a will are all examples of when you could need a lawyer. When you need a lawyer for your business or family you want to make sure you find the best one to help you in your situation. There are practices available such as Prime Traffic Lawyers who can be excellent resources in your legal journey. One area of law that is very important and commonly used in a household is traffic law. There are many [...]

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