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DollarDig Review

Dollar Dig is a retail receipt website that allows customers to purchase items directly from manufacturers while getting money back. Dollar Dig works by passing along funds to the user that are given to websites by companies for attracting customers. While there are many coupon websites, none quite serve their customers in the same way… Continue Reading

Office Chatterbox: What do you do?

I’m an active person. I’ve spent most of my life at jobs which entail running around, traveling from one place to the next, constantly being in front of people. So from time to time, I find it relaxing to take on a short assignment where I can just sit in front of a computer and… Continue Reading

What’s Scarier Living Solely on Salary or Commission?

I had a pretty interesting conversation with The Wife the other day regarding whether it is “scarier” for the breadwinner of a family to be purely a paycheck employee, or if they are solely compensated based on commission/sales.  If you were wondering where this conversation came up – between both of our fathers, my entire… Continue Reading