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The IRS Backs Off on Finalized 403(b) Regulations

As I have stated I sometimes do advanced estate and retirement planning so I am not sure how many people will find this information useful, but hell its my blog so I’ll share it anyway!  Specifically, this information is for those people who run or are involved in a small 403(b). Put very very veryContinue Reading

IRS Increases the Amount you can Save in a Qualified Account for 2009

I was on the IRS’ website today for a different research project (something associated with 403(b)s and the final reguations which become effective Jan 1, 2009 – if there is any interest in this info let me know and I”ll do a post) and I came along some great useful information for almost everyone. TheContinue Reading

Leave your Retirement Accounts Alone!

I often check the online personal finance section of the Wall Street Journal (found here); many times I find interesting articles which range from the topics credit card debt all the way to macroeconomic theories, but in all honesty, today’s top headline frightened me! The title of the article is, “Investors Pull Money Out of Their 401(k)s”Continue Reading