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Create Your Own Pension Using Whole Life Insurance

In order to fully understand this post I am going to have to ask you to put down your $19.95 Suze Orman book or shut off your podcast of Dave Ramsey – and give me a chance to describe and illustrate how to create your own Pension Using Whole Life Insurance before leaving me commentsContinue Reading

Paying Back Social Security to Increase Future Payments

Let’s say you are reaching age 62 and you are worried that your income stream is going to dry up, so you opt to start your Social Security Payments.  Everything is going swimmingly and then you come into a large sum of cash at age 64…now you don’t need your social security income anymore! You are savingContinue Reading

You Have to Prepare for Retirement – Do Not Depend on the Government

Today I received a very interesting Fidelity Credit Card offer.  This particular rewards card placed my 2% cash back directly into my IRA with Fidelity.  Interesting, right? I thought this was really cool.  Don’t worry I didn’t partake, because, as we discussed, I am in operation eradicate consumer debt.  But it got me thinking: RetirementContinue Reading

Leave Your Retirement Accounts Alone (AGAIN!)

All the way back in September of 2008 I wrote a post titled, “Leave your Retirement Accounts Alone.”  The Post was even mentioned in the Carnival of Personal Finance and I think either WSJ or MSN.  Well it looks like no one listened (it may be because back then I had about 4 constant readers). Continue Reading

Sometimes 401(k)s are Better than IRAs

I get really annoyed when people quote any talking heads without taking into account one’s personal situation.  I am not sure why, but I can’t stand blind faith in anyone except maybe your version of a Creator. A LOT of personal finance bloggers, Talk Show Hosts, and house wives all over the country take theContinue Reading

Advanced Required Minimum Distribution Planning

I doubt the main point post will apply to many people reading this blog, but as I stated this blog was also started to highlight some of my research and planning experience. This idea may seem foreign to many, but I’d love to discuss it with anyone and everyone.  This post is for those thatContinue Reading