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Blog Consultants Empty Cabin Media Review

I was turned on to Empty Cabin Media by a great blogger Larry who runs Gather Little by Little.  Larrry has, significant experience starting, growing and optimizing blogs and web-sites on the internet.  I’m also an IT manager and prior to that was a software architect, designer and developer.  I’m very knowledgeable in the areasContinue Reading

Want to Save on Health Care Costs? How about Free Antibiotics

My Mom (way to go!) told me about this great deal so I figured I’d get more details and share!  It seems to be applicable for those in the North East Region.  Apparently, Stop and Shop has figured out that they would make more on the sale of other items by just getting people in the door withContinue Reading

DVDXpress Free Rental Offer – Expires at Midnight 12/15/2008

I received an email from DVDXpress today figured I would share the deal with my readers: Rent 1, Get 1 FREE Check out with Coupon Code “ESTRADA” with 2 movies in your shopping cart. Expires at midnight 12/15/08.  Forward to your friends! I have written in the past how big of a fan I amContinue Reading

DVDXPress Promotion

Just received an email that expires tonight so I wanted to get it up here quickly.  I am not sure it is a great deal unless you have free time tonight! Rent 1, Get 1 FREE Check out with Coupon Code “NINJA” with 2 movies in your shopping cart. Expires at midnight 12/08/08.  Forward toContinue Reading

Thinking about Starting a Company – Here is a chance at a free LLC or Incorporation

I received an email from one of my sponsors today stating that they are offering free LLCs or Incorporation filings!  I used to work for a law firm that charged anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to the thousands for this kind of work. I can’t vouch for the workmanship but a quick google search indicates thatContinue Reading

Random Promotion – DVDXPress

This is does not really have anything to do with personal finance, but I found this really cool promotion so I thought I would share.  DVDXpress says they are, a leading owner and operator of automated DVD rental systems in the United States. Since 2001, our focus has been on providing movie lovers with theContinue Reading