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My Paycheck

Like a lot of people out there, today (Friday) was pay day, who-ooo (Simpson’s reference – anyone? anyone?). But as I looked at my bank balance, I started to think…Why is my take home so low!? Like 85% of my generation, I utilize my employer’s direct deposit option, so I rarely even look at myContinue Reading


Just wanted to share that I passed a few tests that my employer required (one was last week, one was last night).  I passed the Series 6 which Wikipedia defines as, The Investment Company Products/Variable Life Contracts Representative Exam, commonly referred to as the Series 6, is a multiple choice exam that registers an individual to transactContinue Reading

My Debt Snow Ball

I accomplished one of my very minor goals recently – I went through and created a comprehensive debt review and plan to pay it off. The Wife and I have way, way, way too much consumer debt. I say consumer debt because I do not feel the need, right now, to compound my problems/overwhelm myselfContinue Reading

Financial Overview – August 2008

I figured I needed to start somewhere so why not lay it on the line for the readers of this blog, while keeping myself accountable in the months and years to come. Just recently married (a little over six weeks ago) and the wife and I decided to get serious about what we are goingContinue Reading