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Happy 28th Birthday Evan

I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote my 27th birthday post to myself!  Well, since it happens once a year and I have been blogging for about 18 months on November 10 I turned 28 years old.  After reading the post over, it seemed like I had a few goals for myself:Continue Reading

Sometimes in Life You have to Ignore the Costs

This post is inspired by my Dog’s 5th Birthday – I love my dog, and I don’t care if she is the right or wrong personal finance decision.  Sometimes, you have to ignore the right thing, mathematically, and live your life.  So please meet my dog, Tinkerbell: No, she is not manly nor does sheContinue Reading

I Won a $1,000 – What am I going to Do With It?

I am not sure if it was fate, or what, but days after I read FCN’s, “What Would You Would Do with a $1,000” I actually won $1,000!   Actually, I won $1,260 through a 50/50 raffle for a buddy’s church ($20 ticket) but I told the church to keep $260 of it.  I am notContinue Reading

What I’ve Learned After our Miscarriage

I have briefly explained The Wife and my experience getting pregnant and then losing the baby.  Well, this is a guest post describing what she has learned along the way.  If you want to learn more about her or her other insights, check out her blog at After the Alter. I was talking to my friend theContinue Reading

My Journey’s July 16th 2009 Update

One of the main reasons I started this site was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading. Ironic part, is that when I started I probably had no one reading so it was an exercise in futility! Fiscal Update My last update was on May 29, 2009 and before is one from MarchContinue Reading

Life Just Sucks Sometimes

As I sit and try to write a post tonight/this morning (I know I should have posts prepared for days in advance) my mind kept racing back to one topic, and since this blog is anonymous why shouldn’t I bring it up.  It has nothing to do with finance, but doesn’t get more personal thanContinue Reading