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I started my personal finance blog, myjourneytomillions, to share my personal financial situation in an anonymous way.  Sometimes I will highlight things that are going on in my  life that are not financial in nature.  In addition, in this category I share all my net worth updates.

10 Year Anniversary at Work

Sometime this month I hit my 10 year anniversary at work! It is amazing to think about where I was when I started the job versus my current life.  It truly feels like a lifetime ago when I started the position.  When I first started in my current role I was in contract to buy a home, wasn't married and had no kids. 10 years later my life looks nothing like the Evan that originally took the position. Why I Took the Position in the First Place I remember it was like yesterday.  Coming out of law school I was having trouble finding [...]

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May 2017 Net Worth Update

With another month in the books it is time for me to calculate my net worth and share with anyone reading whether it has increased or decreased.  .  Since I am not sharing actual numbers, I know this exercise is mainly done for my benefit, however, maybe it'll inspire someone to start their own net worth spreadsheet. My Gut Reaction to Net Worth Before Calculating Every month I have a feeling of how I did the previous month.  Some times I am way off and sometimes I am right on point.  Usually, these are negative feelings, but not this month.  I had a few [...]

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Net Worth Update April 2017

I can't imagine anyone getting any type of benefit in reading whether my net worth went up or down in terms of a percentage of the prior month.  So why do I do it? Purely for selfish reasons.  Giving myself the fake deadline of preparing these posts once a month forces me to open the corresponding net worth spreadsheet and actually looking at my debts (the investment/asset part I check an unhealthy amount anyway). If you want to get deep into some financial voyeurism check out the Rockstar Finance Directory of Net Worth. My Gut Reaction to Net Worth Before Calculating Every month [...]

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Net Worth Update March 2017

Every month for the past few years I have calculated and shared the changes in my net worth.  They aren't particularly popular posts, nor do I expect them to be as I don't share actual numbers.  Why do I do it then? Accountability.  Granted, I know it is a false sense of accountability because if I miss a month or two no one will care, but nonetheless it forces me to 'answer' to my spreadsheet.  What I did or didn't do in the previous month is going to appear there either in the form of good investment moves or too much spending. [...]

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Beautiful Switzerland

A friend of mine is currently visiting Switzerland on vacation. She has been posting pictures on Instagram nonstop. First it made me jealous and now it has enticed me to want to plan a trip there for myself. Scenery I think the number one factor as to why someone would want to visit is because of the scenery. From the Swiss Alps to the castles right from a story book, who wouldn’t want to experience this country? Some of the major sightseeing destinations are the Matterhorn, Jungfraujoch, Lake Geneva, Bern, Zurich, The Rhine Falls and Swiss National Park. I will admit that [...]

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