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Net Worth Update February 2016

Ouch.  I knew even before calculating my net worth this month it was going to be particularly terrible.  To put it lightly the market took a complete shit, and in terms of my net worth I am almost completely correlated to the market.  When the broad market moves one way so does my net worth. … Continue Reading

My 2016 Goals and Objectives

Since starting this blog many years ago, I have tried to give myself goals and objectives for the upcoming year.  These are not new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are when someone whines that they want to lose weight, rather, these are tasks I want to accomplish. It is the difference between someone saying, “I want to… Continue Reading

January 2016 Net Worth Update

In January 2011 I decided to start publicly tracking the growth in my net worth.  I wasn’t comfortable putting a hard number out on the internet for everyone to see, so what I did was calculate my net worth at the time and then marked it at zero and put up my growth. Calculating my… Continue Reading

Net Worth Update – December 2015

For the past few years, I would take a few minutes at the beginning of each month to calculate my net worth.  I then share how much it has grown (or recently shrank) both month over month and year to date.  On a side note, I finally moved The Wife’s Roth IRA from T-Rowe Price… Continue Reading

Happy 34th Birthday to Evan

One of the most interesting things about owning a blog is being able to go back in time and read about the mindset I was in year’s past, and nothing like a birthday that will get you all nostalgic.  Notwithstanding, I rarely go back into my archive because if it is a personal post I… Continue Reading