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//Personal Situation

I started my personal finance blog, myjourneytomillions, to share my personal financial situation in an anonymous way.  Sometimes I will highlight things that are going on in my  life that are not financial in nature.  In addition, in this category I share all my net worth updates.

October 2017 Net Worth Update

With another month in the books, it is time to take stock of whether my net worth increased or decreased.  I can't express how important this exercise is for me, and as such, this post is usually my favorite to write each month.  I don't think I am alone considering how many sites, forums, apps, etc., exist to calculate and share this number. Prior to calculating the number, I like to take a moment to think about whether it went up or down.  It gives me a few minutes to actively think about whether I made good or bad decisions the previous 30 [...]

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Is Gambling Online a Viable Way to Make an Extra Buck?

For years, online gambling in the United States was out of the question. Even though, in the early 2000s, the US was one of the biggest markets for online poker and casino operators, a federal law signed in 2006 by George W. Bush put an end to this situation instantly. Since then, US citizens were only able to play online casino games and online poker at brave offshore operators in a legal gray zone, with little to no hopes to do the same legally. Things changed, though, when a DoJ opinion put it into the individual states' hands to regulate or ban [...]

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Net Worth Update September 2017

Wow, this year is flying by.  This feels like an odd net worth update since it marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  This summer was unbelievably fantastic in terms of spending time with my children, and it is a little disheartening that we are just that much closer to 4:30 pm darkness and cold.  But such is life. I like to give a prediction of how I did for the past month prior to actually calculating my net worth.  I think my net worth will have increased because of somethings that have worked out at work and my side hustles, however, I [...]

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August 2017 Net Worth Update

My favorite post of the month is here. I add up all my assets minus my liabilities and see how my net worth has changed as compared to the month before.  I wish I were a little bit more open about sharing how I have been doing, but I just can't get behind putting the real numbers out here.  Instead, I provide a watered down version that shows if I am up or down and by how much.  Luckily, I have only had a few down months which is a combination of luck in the market, paying down debt, and keeping expenses [...]

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July 2017 Net Worth Update

For the past few years, I have calculated my net worth at the beginning of each month and then share how much it moved.  I realize it is a purely selfish exercise being that, even if you were a personal finance voyeur I don't share actual numbers so the peeking in would be less than satisfying.  Prior to actually calculating the numbers, I try to give a guess of how I did for the previous month.  I am pretty sure that my net worth increased a good amount this month to no fault of my own.  There are 2 reasons I believe [...]

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