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Avoid these 5 Financial Mistakes Regardless of intelligence

Linda  Formichelli from CNBC wrote an article, “Five Money Mistakes Even Smart People Make” which highlights 5 items that she thinks “even smart people” make mistakes.  I don’t really get the title (other than to get readers – it worked for me), I don’t think intelligence (a term hard to define) correlates with personal finance. Think about howContinue Reading

Wall Street Journal’s Tips for Surviving this Financial Nightmare

Brett Arends from the Wall Street Journal Personal Finance Section wrote a great article titled, “What You Can Do Right Now – Unpredictable Politics make this a tough moment to invest.  Here are some sound strategies for protecting – and still growing – your money.” The article provides 10 basic tips, in his opinion 10 tipsContinue Reading

5 Ways to Save Money when Planning your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a weird experience.  You may start out not wanting a very elaborate ceremony, but the more you find out about all the cool things you can go with a wedding the more money you want to spend. After all, why just elope to the county courthouse when you can elope toContinue Reading

Cell Phone Service for People who are Hard of Hearing or are Deaf

The Wife and I currently have the Sprint SERO deal, which is an amazing deal.  Currently, I am paying $30/month for 500 mins, unlimited text messages and unlimited data.  The Wife needs more mins, so she has 1200 mins, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data for $50/month. SERO is an acronym for Sprint Employee ReferrelContinue Reading

Reasonable Car Purchase – Why?

I was in the middle or writing a post about a theory I came up with about selling my car to take advantage of the crazy deals Detroit is putting out there (See GM and Ford and Jeep), but as I wrote the post I realized how truly happy I am with my car andContinue Reading

Introduction to Financial Aid

A co-worker needed information as to financial aid planning, so I started researching away. It should be noted that beyond my parent’s attempt (it should be noted that they completely failed at navigating this world), and my independent status during law school, I have very little experience in the way of college planning. If thereContinue Reading