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Going Green Could Help You Reach your Financial Goals Sooner

We all want more money in our pockets, and going green can help you achieve that. There are so many tips that not only help you save money, but also help you save the environment. Why not do both? Here are a few tips to get you started on the road to becoming a frugalContinue Reading

Studying the Obvious and Figuring Out Why Americans Are Broke

Vanguard recently highlighted portions of a book written by Connecticut College Psychology Professor Stuart Vyse titled, “Going Broke: Why Americans Can’t Hold on to Their Money*”  which attempts to provide evidence through experiments as to why, Why Americans are Broke. As long as this isn’t your first visit to a personal finance blog, or you have never picked up the WSJ orContinue Reading

What to do with Unwanted or Semi Used Gift Cards

Every year I receive gift cards, and in the past I wouldn’t always use the entire balance, or I just wouldn’t the card at all (*gasp*).  So I had to come up with a couple of ways to combat wasting the gift card. Before you judge me about wasting gift cards, according to the NewContinue Reading

Traditional and Non-Traditional Ways to Access Large Amounts of Liquid Cash

Sometimes, you need liquid cash, but not sure where to “find” it, and don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind I would never recommend ridiculous 20%+ cash advances or the usually evil payday loans.  The following ways should only be used when you need a good amount of cash, I would say the starting point would beContinue Reading

There were Never Good Ole Days When it Comes to Personal Finance

After speaking to The Wife’s grandmother for hours this past weekend, I have come to a conclusion about money management, the past and all those that say the world is different today.   The conclusion is best said by one of the best song writers around (10 points for all those that can tell me whatContinue Reading

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Could Cost you Your Life

I recently came up with a theory, and as you would guess from the title, it has to do with the cost associated with living paycheck to paycheck. Living Paycheck to Paycheck forces you to want time to go by faster thereby causing you to purposefully miss life When you need that paycheck to comeContinue Reading