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Regardless of Cost or Debt You May NEED a Nice Car

I didn’t say you need an expensive car but some people need a nice car.  I know “nice” is a very subjective term, it could mean reliable, but in this post I simply mean an ascetically please car to society.  First and foremost I should mention that this post is almost entirely inspired by a fellowContinue Reading

Why Do I Want Multiple Streams of Income?

Freedom.  I got a reminder/wake up call tonight about why I want multiple streams of income, and it is simple it is freedom to do what I want and when I want (within reason, of course). I have mentioned in the past, that in addition to my job I also practice law, it is mainlyContinue Reading

Make the Most of Unemployment

When our heating bill came the other day, I almost fainted. It was $479, an insanely unacceptable number. Upon further inspection, it showed that because I wasn’t home when the meter reader came for the month, our gas usage was estimated at nearly double of our actual use. “Boy, I wish I was home allContinue Reading

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?

Over the Weekend I had an “incident” where I dropped my new HTC Hero with Google.  Considering I am writing a post on Cell Phone insurance, you know all did not end well as I bobbled it and watched it land on its glass face.  My phone went from:   TO So for the first time since owning aContinue Reading

Using Dividend Stocks to Pay for Your Coffee

What It Costs You To Be a Caffeine Addict Are you a caffeine addict like me? I don’t know about you, but my day doesn’t really start, nor am I entirely awake or focused on my tasks until I first sip on a fresh cup of coffee. Equally important, have you thought about how muchContinue Reading

I use ING For my Savings and You May Want to Also!

I often get asked where I keep my liquid savings.  When I first started caring about personal finance issues, and started reading personal finance blogs I was guilty of rate chasing and bonus chasing.   I am proud to say that, I do not rate chase anymore, and if you check out personal finance blog archivesContinue Reading