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I believe that Personal finance encompasses all the decisions a person might make when it comes to cash flow, budgeting, retirement, investments, multiple streams of income, and insurance protection. Every adult is bombarded with decisions to make when it comes to all these areas of life and I try to help with my thoughts and opinions on the various topics.

Cryptocurrency and How To Protect Your Assets

As technology continues to evolve, the internet is beginning to reshape our financial capabilities. The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing rapidly and becoming the inevitable future of how we transfer money. Today, the term Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular as it’s constantly in the news for surging prices and value. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with investors and enthusiasts purchasing more and more in hopes of financial gains in the future. Recently, Bitcoin has become a widely accepted digital currency in most online stores, hotels, and malls with widespread adoption approaching rapidly. The reason is that you can transfer [...]

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How To Take Care Of Your Finances If You Become Disabled

Unless someone has a well-established career, taking care of their finances is difficult in today’s economy simply because the cost of living is usually higher than the cost of labor. This means that it’s difficult to avoid a lower standard of living. Many jobs at or near minimum wage simply don’t pay enough to cover basic living expenses. Still, it can be even more difficult to balance finances if a person has a disability that limits how many hours they can work a week. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, "Individuals with disabilities were less likely to be employed than [...]

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For Most Personal Finance Decisions The Basics are What Actually Matter

I have owned and operated this tiny slice of the internet for the better part of the decade; I do it, because, I enjoy it.  During this time it I am not sure why, but I am always shocked when a personal finance topic becomes 'hot' again.  It seems to happen when a number of larger personal finance bloggers start writing about a topic, then the smaller ones chime in with their opinion...and eventually you see a mainstream article on the topic.  Most of these popular questions/issues are perfect examples of missing the forest through the trees. These are just a few [...]

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The Best and Worst Attributes About MLMs

I have this buddy who is deep into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) world.   It feels like he keeps bouncing from the next big thing to the thing that is going to make the "next big thing" look horrible and scammy.  He has attempted to recruit me to a few of these ventures and much to the surprise of no one, but him, I have always rejected.  Every time, he contacts me about the next amazing opportunity I always have two thoughts about the very nature of MLMs and they are what makes the opportunity amazing for some and horrid to me at [...]

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Top Personal Finance Tips for Young Professionals

Today, young people are faced with massive student debt and on top of that, the job market is tough and salaries are stagnant. This is an uphill battle especially when planning for the future. When one is unable to find a well-paying job, it means no payments will be made towards settling student loans. By not doing so, your credit score is affected and in turn you will be locked out of financial opportunities like mortgages which are vital to owning a home. The good news is that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. To overcome many problems present [...]

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