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5 Steps to Financial Education for Adults

If you are a grown-up person, or if you are the parent of non-grown-up persons, now is an important time to be learning about the world. Now you may think that this isn’t your first rodeo. What more do you really need to know about life. Well, if your finances aren’t where you want them… Continue Reading

Ways to Avoid Going Broke While on Vacation

Let’s face it, going on a vacation is not cheap, especially if you plan on going somewhere very exotic. Traveling by plane will also add a major amount of money to your travel expenses. Unless you have money to burn, you owe it to yourself to do whatever you can to save as much money… Continue Reading

Taking a Look at My Home’s Amortization Table

I recently wrote about my distaste for home ownership and I received some fantastic comments from some fellow personal finance bloggers.  While they brought up some good points they also inspired me to actually take a look at my home’s amortization schedule to actually see what is being put towards interest vs principal. What is… Continue Reading

What All Adults Should Know About their Own Personal Finances

I am not sure how many people with out a personal finance blog actually know how they are doing with their personal finances.  I can’t imagine that many people actually take account of their net worth or even how much debt they actually have.  At most, maybe, someone will know their 401(k) balance.  Notwithstanding, there… Continue Reading