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I believe that Personal finance encompasses all the decisions a person might make when it comes to cash flow, budgeting, retirement, investments, multiple streams of income, and insurance protection. Every adult is bombarded with decisions to make when it comes to all these areas of life and I try to help with my thoughts and opinions on the various topics.

Life of a digital nomad – Earning Money while Traveling the World

Imagine sitting in a small cosy café in Paris on a sunny spring morning; typing away on your laptop while enjoying a café au lait and a fresh croissant. Or picture yourself sitting under the shady leaves of a huge palm tree, the sound of waves in your ears and the scent of saltwater in your nose. You boot up your tablet, put a smile on your face, work for a couple of hours and earn enough money to tackle the next step of your journey. Welcome to the life of a digital nomad! What exactly is a digital nomad? The answer [...]

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February 2017 Net Worth Update

Every month when I open my net worth spreadsheet to update it I get a bit anxious.  It is like getting back the results of a single test in high school.  You can't do anything to change it as the test was already taken and you know that one single test doesn't really matter, but nonetheless, you are receiving objective feedback as to how well you did in a short amount of time. To extend the analogy a little bit more, you kind of know how well you did since you know if your spending was out of control or the market [...]

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Is There a Correct Emergency Fund Amount? Different Ways to Calculate How Much You Should have Saved?

Having an emergency fund is probably one of the most important things you could for your financial well being.  If there was a hierarchy of personal finance, it is likely on the bottom with owning life insurance as not to bankrupt your family if you were to premature predecease. However, there are just a ton of different opinions on just how much should be kept in cash. What is the Wrong Amount to Have in an Emergency Fund? Too Little I am not sure how much of these stories I believe but there is a shocking amount of Americans without a properly [...]

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Budget Busters: Best Ways to Lighten the Burden of Unexpected Expenses

Only a few of us go through life without facing an unexpected bill that throws our finances into temporary chaos. Whether you lose your job, face a medical emergency, or the boiler breaks down, these are all things that can tear a large hole in your bank balance. Here is a look at how to address a financial emergency and ways to avoid the situation in the future. There are also some money saving tips and a plan of action to consider. Resolving the problem Financial emergencies come in many forms. Some situations become more pressing than others, but the end result [...]

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6 Government Schemes First Time Homebuyers Should Know About

If owning a home is one of your goals, don’t let unfounded fears stop you. There are a good number of Government schemes to help your goal become a reality. It is important to note that becoming a homeowner is a long term investment and for all capital intensive investments, it is wise to consult a professional for advice and insights. Help to Buy This is a scheme that enables prospective home owners who have a small deposit to own their own home. Another term is the Equity loan scheme. All you need is a 5% deposit and as much as 20% [...]

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