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Real estate investing has various benefits and challenges not associated with other investment vehicles.  There are specific tax codes made just for those investing in real estate, whether they are commercial or residential.

Closing the Deal: Key Things to Consider Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying commercial real estate can offer plenty of benefits, so it makes sense for many business owners to consider taking the step from renting to owning the business premises. A business owner who chooses to purchase commercial real estate can remove the stress of future rent increases, but there's also the potential for the property to increase in value over time as well. There's also the added benefit of being able to deduct the value of the loan, mortgage interest charges, and any depreciation in the value of the building from company taxes. While the benefits of buying commercial real estate can [...]

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What to Keep in Mind When Looking for a House to Lease

If you have been shopping around on websites such as DDProperty in search of the perfect house for your new potential business, you must take into account several factors that go into choosing a good candidate for leasing out to tenants.  If you do not educate yourself on these matters, you might end up with unruly tenants, unattractive structures, or, worse, a negative balance in your bank account. In this article, we will talk about some of the important steps you should take in order to ensure that you do not wind up with a house that you cannot lease out in [...]

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Baby Steps for Success: A Real Estate Investing Checklist

Whether your current involvement in real estate involves buying, selling or lending, it is vital to take time to perform due diligence. Multiple purposes are served by ensuring that your involvement is based on true understanding of the facts as they really are. Due diligence helps you establish whether the title to the property is sound to buy, sell or use as collateral. It also helps you determine that the financial projections used are sensible ones, identify areas of risk, and ensure compliance with regulations. Due diligence is about more than deciding whether to go ahead with a project. It is also [...]

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Passive Income from Investment Properties: Here’s Why Being a Smart Landlord Matters

Between the recovery of the housing market and the potential money to be made in buy-to-let investment properties, many people are considering getting into the landlord business. However, it's vitally important that you understand the obligations and the risks before you commit yourself -- and your money! Here are some situations you have to be prepared for before you become a landlord: Your property may stay vacant for a while If you can't find a good tenant, or if the property needs repairs, you may have to go a few months without income while still paying for all the expenses. If the [...]

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I Looked at my First House for a Real Estate Investment

Last week I looked at my first property for investment purposes.  I doubt I am going to get involved but it was exciting nonetheless.  The experience made me question whether I actually want to get involved in a short term flip. Looking at my First Possible Flip I took a look at the house with a buddy of mine and his contractor.  This particular buddy and I are very good buddies and I think we would work well together on a real estate project (however, I have stated in the past I have no clue what makes a good partner). It is [...]

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