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What’s the Hot Sector to Invest In? Do You Even Care?

I read an article today on CNN Money titled, “The Case for Buying Small Cap Stocks” where the author, tells the reader why not to buy small cap stocks and then in the very same article tells you why you should invest in small cap stocks.  It kind of annoyed me for two reasons: TheyContinue Reading

6 Months Later a Look at my Perpetual Income Machine

In February I wrote about wanting to start investing in dividend producing stocks and then I immediately wrote about creating my dividend portfolio.  Well since it has been six months I am going to review my process and review my results. Creating my Dividend Portfolio I went through my own process to determine what stocksContinue Reading

An Introduction to Forex Trading

The popularity of foreign exchange trading has grown dramatically over the past decade. Originally the province of large banks and financial institutions, retail forex trading has come alive in tandem with the electronic revolution all around us. The Internet and advances in data management and telecommunications software have enabled anyone that has the talent andContinue Reading

How Much Liquidity Do You Want?

I am currently in operation horde cash, for two reasons, we want to eventually move (within a year to 18 months) and cash is king when negotiating, and two we are expecting our first child at the end of the year. I am no where near where I want to be, but as I reviewedContinue Reading

What Can John Wooden Teach us about Stock Analysis?

There are two major ways to evaluate stocks: fundamental analysis and technical analysis.  Wait, how does this apply to the legend John Wodden?   In honor of the late John Wooden, this week’s lesson is to work on your fundamentals. Groan.  Stop whining. This isn’t difficult. Fundamental analysis means assessing a company’s financial statements: taking theContinue Reading

WTDirect Gives New Customers a Bank Bonus of up to $500

Long before I started blogging, I used to chase bank bonuses and deals, but with the downturn in interest rates they have been difficult to find.  But I was contacted about a new one from WT Direct! What is WTDirect? According to their Website WTDirect is a wholly owned subsidary of Wilmington Trust Company, a companyContinue Reading