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A complete guide to understanding structured settlements

Structured settlements are a form of annuity in which an injury victim is paid his compensation through periodic payments rather than in a lump sum amount. Though not absolutely compulsory, structured settlements have been encouraged by the US congress ever since the year 1982. In the case of structured settlements, the victim is paid hisContinue Reading

Mathematical Proof You Needed to Start Investing and Saving Yesterday

I was working with some calculations the other day and something became ridiculously apparent to me.  You and I (along with almost anyone) literally can’t afford to wait to start investing and savings. Calculating Contribution and Investing Returns I think a very simple example will provide evidence that you need to start contributing, investing and savingContinue Reading

Simple Ways in Which Your Business Can Save Money

Regardless of the size and the profile of the companies that they are currently running, all business owners have one thing in common: the desire to reduce costs and enhance productivity at the same time. Despite the fact that, in these difficult economic times, this objective may seem like a mission impossible, it is actuallyContinue Reading

Top structured settlements facts

A Structured settlement is no longer just a source of monthly income these days; it can come up as a great financial support and portfolio balancer for many of the people. However, there is a lot of confusion about this particular financial instrument among people. Understanding and dealing with this particular instrument is a bitContinue Reading

Understanding the complete process of structured settlement selling

The most obvious reason for which people decide to sell their structured settlement is that they want money in lump sum rather than getting it in installments. They take care of the pressing matter of present time by selling off a part or whole of their future regular payment source. Selling structured settlement is notContinue Reading

March 2014 Dividend Champion Watch list

After my February 2014 Dividend watch list update I bought: 12 Shares of KO for $456.27 I didn’t sell any shares last, although I may be doing this a bit more when/if I find a particular equity egregiously overvalued as is/was the case with the only sale I made in the past couple years within this particular investment account.  It turnsContinue Reading