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Learn the Various Signals of Trading

AS WITH ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG NOTHING SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.  INVESTING HAS RISKS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AND RESEARCH. Do you consider yourself to be an investor? What are you currently invested in? Real estate? Bonds? The general stock market? Or maybe you like to trade currencies? Whatever the caseContinue Reading

Updating My Dividend Investment Portfolio for April 2013

Every few months I update my watch list for my dividend investment portfolio.  I wish it is something I could do once a month or once a week, but it just takes too much time to screen through the 100+ companies that have increased their dividends for the past 25+ years.  So every few monthsContinue Reading

Taking a Look at Actual Prosper Returns Over 6 Years

I funded my first prosper loan on February 27, 2007.  I thought it was amazing that I would be able to act as a bank lending money to a person for a rate higher than I could get from a CD, bond or dividend.  I still think it is an amazing alternative investment, but thatContinue Reading

A Review One Month into the Investment Club

Back in January I made the announcement that I was starting an investment club with some buddies.  We are about a month into it and I wanted to share my initial thoughts, complaints and hiccups, so others can avoid some of the mistakes and problems we are having. As a reminder, in January I madeContinue Reading

Surprise, Men and Women Approach Investments Different

I feel like there is a hyper-push in society today to treat everyone the same, but sometimes the unisex outlook just doesn’t make sense.  I feel like anyone with any type of life experience knows there is a difference in almost every aspect between males and females beyond anatomy and this would obviously include investments.Continue Reading

Keeping on track with Business Internet

In recent years the internet has literally taken over our lives. We keep in touch with friends near and far via social networking, find entertainment via gaming or streaming and we learn from both credible and not-always-so credible websites. At work internet access is essential to keeping up with a changing business world, whether it’sContinue Reading