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Workplace Safety and Profitibility

Being proactive about workplace safety can have a significant impact on profitability. Prevention and protection are required to minimize losses due to accidents. Prevention Designing a plan to prevent accidents is the first step in workplace safety. It is imperative that every employee cooperates with this plan and is aware of it in order forContinue Reading

Reuters Provides Some Options to Create Your Own Pension

I am always interested in creating future streams of income akin to a personal pension.  I am obsessed with the idea since it is likely I’ll never be involved in a defined benefit or pension plan provided by my employer and I think it has to be terrifying to one day stop your income butContinue Reading

Finding An Affordable Home Out Of State

The housing market reached a turnaround point after years of struggle, and is affording potential buyers new opportunities to acquire a dream home once again.  However, the strength of the recovery does vary by state, and this variance determines the type of mortgage that you as a buyer are able to negotiate. The hardest hitContinue Reading

Deciding Whether I Should Sell Stocks in my Dividend Investment Portfolio

I have been investing in dividend paying stocks for a few years now, and I am at a cross roads.  I have some pretty good capital gains (percentage wise, not whole dollar amounts) that I am not exactly sure what to do with.  My gut is fighting with my head and I am not sureContinue Reading

Learn the Various Signals of Trading

AS WITH ANYTHING ON THIS BLOG NOTHING SHOULD BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL OR FINANCIAL ADVICE.  INVESTING HAS RISKS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AND RESEARCH. Do you consider yourself to be an investor? What are you currently invested in? Real estate? Bonds? The general stock market? Or maybe you like to trade currencies? Whatever the caseContinue Reading

Updating My Dividend Investment Portfolio for April 2013

Every few months I update my watch list for my dividend investment portfolio.  I wish it is something I could do once a month or once a week, but it just takes too much time to screen through the 100+ companies that have increased their dividends for the past 25+ years.  So every few monthsContinue Reading