Dividend Investment Portfolio

///Dividend Investment Portfolio

I attempt to screen and purchase undervalued dividend growth stocks. These companies have increased their dividend for at least 15 years and have a lower than average price to earnings (PE) ratio, a higher operating margin, a low price to book, a reasonable dividend yield and payout ratio.  This is easily my favorite part of my financial empire.

February 2017 Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Stocks

Every month I attempt to purchase a lot or two (a lot for me is $500 - I hope to increase that in the future) of a possibly undervalued stock that has increased their dividend every year for the past 15 years.  In an effort to find those undervalued dividend growers I use certain metrics with regard to the company's price to earnings, operating margin vs industry and price to book vs industry.  I also screen for yield and market cap as well to further limit the watch list.  Lastly, I compare the remaining companies to their 52 week and 52 week [...]

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My Dividend Growth Portfolio February 2017 Update

When writing last month's dividend growth portfolio investment update I wrote, "I have been dreading writing this post since I already know I screwed up in December."  I ignored my self imposed rules, and have still be paying for it.  Nothing I can do except, learn and grow. My January 2017 Investment Activity My Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Purchases January, like most months, I made my normal $500 purchase.  Since I had a loss in December when it came to my options income, there was no extra. On 1/17/2017 I bought 26 Shares of Old Republic International Corporation (ORI) According to Google [...]

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Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Stocks January 2017

With a new year underway I decided to slightly alter the screen I use to attempt to find undervalued dividend growth stocks.  I discuss my metrics in further detail below, but the specific changes I made was to decrease the amount of years necessary for a stock to pay an increasing dividend from 20 years to 15 years and I put a moving target with regards to market cap to remove some of the smaller, thinly traded companies. Decreasing the requisite amount of years to even start the screen provided me with another 53 companies to look at (157 vs 210)!  The [...]

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My Dividend Growth Portfolio January Update

I have been dreading writing this post since I already know I screwed up in December.  I gave myself very specific rules when it comes to selling short puts and I think my head got a little too big after a ridiculous month in November when it comes to investment income. My December 2016 Investment Activity My Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Purchases December, like most months, I made my normal $500 purchase plus my option income for the previous month($506): On 12/6/2016 I bought 15 Shares of Aflac (AFL) at $68.75 ($1,038.32 purchase). This added to the 10 shares I already owned. [...]

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December 2016 Watch List

With my crazy increase in naked put premiums last month I was excited to get my watch list created, so I can buy my monthly purchase plus my extra amount made.  Like last month, I excited to create this list as it was we hit another market high today.  If the old adage is to buy low and sell high, why would I be excited to make a purchase now? Just because the market is flying high doesn't mean there is not value to be found.  Just maybe I can find something that hasn't increased with the broad market. As a reminder, every month I [...]

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