Investing in an actual business is much different than investing in real estate or stocks of a larger public company.  Much of the wealth that citizens hold is built upon owning a small to medium size business. The size of the business is all relative to the location and genre of types of business you are involved in.  Regardless of the size, running a business takes time, effort and a skill that not all people have.

Five Unique Benefits of Registering a Company through an Agency

The Hong Kong business environment is very attractive to investors who want to enter and grow rapidly. Unlike other economies, Hong Kong is an island with no land for agriculture or mineral resources. Because of this reality, it has transformed into a unique business economy. In line with this outfit, the Hong Kong administration puts the best foot forward in supporting all companies to grow and prosper. For companies in the tech sector, the Hong Kong government has numerous programs that provide both monetary and technical support. These programs include Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, Innovation and Technology Fund, and Science and Technology [...]

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Creating Another Website For Income and Personal Reasons

It has been years since I really threw myself into another online project, but I have recently done it and I couldn't be more excited.  I think the most exciting part for me is that the topic is something I am very interested in so it is not just about trying to create another stream of income. My Experiences Brewing Beer I have been brewing beer at home for a little over two years.  As someone who never really had any hobbies this would be the closest thing to it.  At this point, I couldn't even guess as to how many batches of [...]

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What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?

I have this buddy who is deep into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) World who posts all the time about being an entrepreneur, and it has me wondering what actually makes someone an entrepreneur? The dictionary definition of entrepreneur is absolutely zero help in actually answering the question: one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise The pure dictionary definition really just raises more more questions than answers. Is anyone who is commission based an entrepreneur? Is it anyone that that is self employed? What if the business is just a side hustle? Are professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, Doctors, [...]

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The Role of Employee Benefits in Worker Satisfaction and Retention

When a person’s hunting for a new job, one of the first things they often do is narrow down the search by looking for open positions with attractive benefits packages. Examples of possible perks include life insurance, paid vacations, and health insurance. Understanding employee benefits is crucial because that knowledge helps people decide whether to accept job offers or continue working for a company, and aids in negotiation strategies. Good Benefits Make Employees Feel Valued A good job is more than just something that generates income. It should also make employees feel genuinely valued by the companies they work for, and cause [...]

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Smart Ideas for Women Looking to Make Their Mark on the Business World

Based on the view of some economists, women entrepreneurs are an under-utilized force that can really spark the economic expansion. Close to 40 percent of businesses are currently run by women owners. This is a significant jump from the previous years. If you’re looking to make your mark on the business world, you may want to look into the following smart ideas: Website Development Women are entering the small business community across the United States in increasing numbers. Between 2002 and 2006, female owned companies grew faster than the businesses owned by males. Because the women gravitated toward lower risk ideas, the [...]

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