Investing in an actual business is much different than investing in real estate or stocks of a larger public company.  Much of the wealth that citizens hold is built upon owning a small to medium size business. The size of the business is all relative to the location and genre of types of business you are involved in.  Regardless of the size, running a business takes time, effort and a skill that not all people have.

11 Business Ideas that Could Make You a Millionaire

If your dream is to become a billionaire, you need to first start small by becoming a millionaire. And one of the most effective ways to become a millionaire is by becoming a self-made one through business. If you are unsure which businesses to pursue to become rich, here are some business ideas that have proven to be sure winners. Financial Services According to a World Wealth Report, financial services is one sector with a high chance of creating millions. Financial services include services ranging from bookkeeping to accounting, and tax preparation, and each one of these services are always in high demand. [...]

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How to Find an Interim Manager

Interim Management is a specialist form of consultancy that is very much on the rise in the UK. With the uncertainty caused by Brexit on the horizon, it’s no surprise that specialists in change and crisis are finding a new audience. Some assessments say the field has grown by as much as 93% since 2006 and could be worth as much as £2 billion. It’s still somewhat opaque to many businesses however, especially small businesses who may be the most in need of their services. Even if you know you need one, finding an Interim Manager may be difficult. Your first step, [...]

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Visiting Singapore for Business – Consider Adding 5-6 Days to Your Trip

Singapore truly is a locale that has attracted some of the major wealth of the world. For this reason, there is a tendency for many world renowned financial institutions to be based there. Singapore now has a sizeable expat community that have taken leading jobs in multinational firms and banks from around the globe. This, combined with Singapore’s unique culture and history, has created a diverse society that is absolutely enjoyable to visit. Consider the following discussion when deciding whether it is wise to add five to six additional days to your business trip to Singapore: Singapore as a Centre of Business [...]

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Ways To Make Extra Money Dog-Sitting

Have you ever wondered how people get paid to look after other people’s pets? It’s an amazing way to earn money—and especially perfect if you’d be happy to just hang out with dogs for free. is a wonderful community of dog-loving owners and caregivers. The site does all the work of connecting you with clients, getting you paid, and making sure that everyone involved has a wonderful experience—including the dog. Apply to Rover today and get the gig of your dreams! Here are the steps you’ll take: Create a Profile This is how dog owners will get to know you. Do [...]

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4 Small Business Tools You Should Take Advantage Of

Building a new small business from the ground floor up can make for a hectic day-to-day. Without the right tools, running a small business can go make you go from feeling high on life to…well, to feeling quite low. Running a small business is stressful. According to a survey reported on by HuffPost, “Running a small business is more stressful than anything else in a small business owner’s life—including raising children.” Of the SMB owners polled for the survey, 59 percent reported that they forgo free time and exercise in an effort to do more work for the business. If your business [...]

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