Investing is broad, but necessary, category in a person’s personal finance world.  Leaving your savings in just cash never made much sense nevertheless at today’s rates.  Investing is often thought about in terms of buying stocks, but it is more than that, you could invest in an insurance based product, real estate, a business, yourself, etc.

4 Small Business Tools You Should Take Advantage Of

Building a new small business from the ground floor up can make for a hectic day-to-day. Without the right tools, running a small business can go make you go from feeling high on life to…well, to feeling quite low. Running a small business is stressful. According to a survey reported on by HuffPost, “Running a small business is more stressful than anything else in a small business owner’s life—including raising children.” Of the SMB owners polled for the survey, 59 percent reported that they forgo free time and exercise in an effort to do more work for the business. If your business [...]

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Some Random Investment Thoughts About Moves I Didn’t Make

Recently, I have had some random thoughts about investments I didn't make, and they are really bothering me.  I am not the type to dwell on should haves, could haves or would haves, but for some reason these three investments have been on my mind and I can't shake my annoyance with myself. Not Investing in Undervalued Dividend Stocks in 2017 Earlier this year I had to take a break from my monthly investment in undervalued dividend growth stocks.  I went into more detail in a previous post, but the long and short of it is that I had a few option [...]

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Rebalancing my 401(k)

I last reviewed, rebalanced and reallocated my 401(k) in February of 2017; before that, it was years ago! Back in February, I started from scratch, and I think that is probably a good idea annually, however, for what is to be my mid-year review I am going to shorten the process. I am not going to take a look at risk tolerance since the odds of it changing in 6 months are low.  In fact, it probably would be worse to redo the test, because I don't think I could be completely impartial with regard to where I think we are in [...]

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Some Amazing Statistics from JP Morgan Market Insights

I was sitting through a presentation the other week and the speaker kept showing graphs/charts from J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Market for the 2nd Quarter 2017.  I couldn't believe some of the information he was sharing, I knew immediately that I had to take a look at the full report. Charts and Graphs from J.P. Morgan's Guide to the Market There is a lot more information than the selected charts below, however, these are the most interesting to me.   I was going to try and group them together to make a cohesive story line, but that would be a tremendous amount [...]

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How Did Madoff Claim He Was Investing People’s Money?

Not unlike a large amount of people in this country I find the Madoff scandal fascinating, so when I saw HBO was doing a movie with Robert DeNiro I was pretty excited.  I find the story so intriguing for a few reasons, but the main two are that I know a few people personally affected, and to a much larger extent, it builds into my obsession with wonder just how many people are completely faking and full of shit.  While watching, Wizard of Lies,  with The Wife I started to wonder what the hell was Madoff's claimed strategy? I am completely familiar [...]

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