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Starters Guide on How to Get Financing

Getting financing for your business is not an easy journey. It requires a lot of time and effort. Essentially, you are pitching your business idea to someone else. It’s a type of marketing before your business even gets off the ground. If you have never looked for financing before, this guide will show you how… Continue Reading

Creating my February 2016 Undervalued Dividend Watch List

Every month I try to find undervalued consistent dividend paying stocks that have increased their dividend for 20+ years.  I love consistent dividend paying stocks for one main reason – creating a reliable stream of income that will increase with inflation.  I wish this account was bigger, but it is currently only a fraction of… Continue Reading

How to make UK business law work for you

Some small business-owners argue that they are burdened, rather than assisted, by the volume and complexity of laws with which they must comply. However, by keeping abreast of the legislation, businesses will find it assists them and prevents them from experiencing problems further down the line. Does business law help or hinder companies? Although some… Continue Reading

What is Impact Investing?

Every so often there is a new buzz word that attracts a lot of attention in the world of retail investing and personal finances.  I have only heard it a few times, so I figured if I wasn’t that familiar with it maybe others haven’t either.  The term is Impact Investing. Investopedia defines impact investing… Continue Reading

What Are The Most Popular Ways Of Trading Gold?

Gold is one of the most in demand commodities on the planet today. As a result, the value of the precious metal is higher than the values of most other precious metals and it fluctuates quite often. This creates an opportunity for those looking for gains in the market. By taking advantage of fluctuations in… Continue Reading