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Top cities to invest in commercial property

A number of very different factors come into play when looking to invest in commercial property. But above all of them, there is an underlying presence which no savvy investor will be able to change: the economic health and outlook of the city. This is a simple enough reason to start looking globally whenever you’re… Continue Reading

Why Aren’t More Companies Going Public?

I recently read a very interesting article from Market Watch titled, “Even Companies are Avoiding the Stock Market” which provided some very interesting stats about the size and attributes of the stock market. The Size of the United States Stock Market When you are discussing the stock market as a whole most people go right… Continue Reading

Know the Basics before Investing in Bonds

Anyone who wants to retire comfortably needs to use investments to build a comfortable nest egg. Stocks and bonds offer much higher interest rates than savings accounts and certificates of deposits do, giving individuals higher rates of return. While many people have at least basic knowledge about stocks and the stock market, only a few… Continue Reading