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Get Premium Value on Your Car Insurance Policy

Having the best insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean getting the lowest price on the market for your car.  Price is an important feature of the cover that you need, but there’s a lot more to getting the right policy than just basing your selection on price alone.  Let’s look at the real value of yourContinue Reading

Direct Car Excess Reveiw provides insurance to cover the excess on your hire car insurance, which can often add up to hundreds of pounds or maybe more. They know that hiring a car can be a source of worry especially when trying to sort out an insurance claim, and aim to provide a quick and easy service forContinue Reading

Ownership of Life Insurance may be Important

Since we all know the main purpose of life insurance is to provide for those when you aren’t around the conversation often focuses on the beneficiary and almost no time is spent discussing the owner.  I think this is a huge shortcoming of both the legal world and the financial world because usually one side thinksContinue Reading

How Does Income Protection Insurance Work?

Quick… think about how you would pay all of your bills if you suddenly couldn’t work because of an illness or injury.  How long would you be able to sustain life without creditors hassling you?  Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?  Luckily, this nightmare will never happen in real life if you have income protectionContinue Reading

Is it Possible to Lie on My Health Insurance Application and Get Away with It?

Getting better health insurance coverage, for the cheapest price, is a subject that has been weighing heavily upon the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of Americans for a very long time. With financial distress a commonplace in today’s day and age, it can be very tempting to tell what seems to be a “little white lie”Continue Reading

Don’t be a Jerk Get Life Insurance if You are Raising Children

Last week, I wrote about updating my life insurance and while it isn’t finalized yet revisiting the topic on a very personal level rather than for a faceless client has reinvigorated my feelings on the subject.  Granted, I work with the product, daily, but being in the in the middle of my own protection planningContinue Reading