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Credit card usage is amazingly prevalent in western society.  The amount of transactions and debt held pursuant to those transactions is staggering and only seems to be growing.  These posts have to do with either my credit card use, credit card bonus rewards or other’s credit card use and bonuses.

Why do I need to use a travel credit card?

Do you know how to take a flight to Berlin paying nothing at all? You may think this is a joke unless you see that millions of people annually economize certain amounts spending them on other services. What is more, they have a lot of pleasant benefits like free baggage check or priority boarding. In fact there is not a secret what they do, they simply use a travel credit card! 5 reasons to acquire travel credit card If you love traveling, you spend a lot of money visiting different places, booking tickets on flights and hotel rooms. Some people have enough [...]

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Keep the Dough: Times When Credit Works Better Than Cash

There are probably plenty of times when you are glad to have a credit card in your wallet. It is not just the convenience of having a highly accessible means of payment on hand; it is also the rewards and even the protection that you gain access to when using a credit card. Here is a look at why there are times when credit works infinitely better than cash. Your Credit Card May Come with Plenty of Rewards Getting points every time you use this credit card or building up some useful air miles just for using a convenient payment method, seems [...]

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When a Credit Card Balance Transfer Might Make Good Financial Sense

Are you carrying credit card debt? If so, you’re most likely paying astronomical interest rates that can make it hard to shuck off that debt and work toward your other financial goals. But what if there was a way to pay off your credit card debt without paying those high interest fees? There is — it’s called a credit card balance transfer. Balance transfer credit cards typically offer interest rates as low as zero percent for an introductory period, giving you six months or more to work on paying off your credit card debt interest-free. If you can manage to pay off [...]

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Back to Zero With Credit Card Debt

When I started my personal finance blog in 2008 I had over $16,000 worth of credit card debt.  It took about a year or so but I paid that all off, and The Wife and I were one of those people with literally zero credit card debt that carried over month to month.   This lasted a few years until this past January when we bought our new home and subsequently "had" to get new carpeting, furniture and a TV.  Fine, none of those things listed were necessities, but they certainly felt damn important to get...especially my TV. While The Wife and [...]

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What to do if Your Credit Card is Stolen

Having your credit card stolen is inconvenient. But not only that, it can also result in you being the victim of identity theft and credit card fraud. Of course, you should make sure the credit cards in your purse or wallet are well protected in case they ever do fall into the wrong hands, but what do you do if the worst does happen and your plastic is stolen? Here are the steps you should take immediately after you discover your credit card has been stolen or is missing: Contact your credit card issuer It is a good idea to keep a [...]

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