Debt is a four letter word that almost every person has had to deal with since the beginning of written time and history.  Debt was talked about in the bible, by Shakespeare, and by tens of thousands of other authors since.  The posts found in this category have to deal with either my personal relationship with debt, or the idea in general.

How to Reduce Personal Debt

If you are drowning in credit card debt, have payday loan balances or are struggling to pay off personal loans, it may be time to start thinking of ways to reduce what you owe. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can reduce outstanding balances and increase your level of financial security. In many cases, your creditors will work with you to relieve some or all of your debt burden. Consolidate Credit Card Balances Transferring all of your current credit card balances to a new card with 0 percent interest can reduce your monthly payments. Furthermore, you [...]

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Why do I need to use a travel credit card?

Do you know how to take a flight to Berlin paying nothing at all? You may think this is a joke unless you see that millions of people annually economize certain amounts spending them on other services. What is more, they have a lot of pleasant benefits like free baggage check or priority boarding. In fact there is not a secret what they do, they simply use a travel credit card! 5 reasons to acquire travel credit card If you love traveling, you spend a lot of money visiting different places, booking tickets on flights and hotel rooms. Some people have enough [...]

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Slaying 3 Persistent Myths of Filing for Bankruptcy

The good people at Merriam-Webster define the word myth in two starkly different ways. The first is that a myth is a traditional story that serves to illuminate a world view, or explain a practice, belief or natural phenomenon. This version is quite pleasant, and reminds us of folklore, mythology, fables, epic tales of good vs. evil, and so on. But the second version is markedly less inspiring. That’s because a myth is also defined as an unfounded or false notion. And unfortunately, that’s the version that applies for many people when they try and make sense of the complex and thorny [...]

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Steps on How to Port a Mortgage

Porting a mortgage is an option available to you when you are moving home. You can either apply for a new mortgage, or take your existing mortgage with you. The process of porting a mortgage differs from person-to-person, and it may not be the best decision for everyone. In theory at least, anyone can port their mortgage. In other words, you can transfer your existing mortgage to your new real estate. Sometimes, lenders make it difficult or impossible, to port your mortgage. You may ultimately start borrowing at uncompetitive rates if you decide to go down this route. A big part of [...]

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Here are Four Practical Ways to Reduce Your Debt Burden

Many people in the USA still suffering from bad credit because of their bad management of debt they owe. Most of them are careless because of their habits of the past of not paying the credit card or other daily expense’s bills on time.  It makes them pretty less eligible for any future lending either from local banks or other online sources available in their state.  Their credit affects their worthiness and so their eligibility to pay previous debt on time and that make them fall into debt trap paying interest over interest. Interestingly, it takes a great degree of determination and [...]

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