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Carnival of Personal Finance No. 188

Penelope from Pecuniarties hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance No. 188, and she was nice enough to choose my article, “Did you forget your RMD this Year? All may not be Lost.”  To be honest I have never heard of Pecuniarties, but it was nice she featured my post.

Carnival of Personal Finance: Fairy Tale Edition

Clever Dude hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and man did he do a ridiculous job picking posts and weaving them together into a story. He chose my article about planning for your pets when you die.  Clever Dude weaved it into the story by suggesting that maybe the prince and princess should worryContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #177

The Sun’s Financial Diary hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance (#177) featuring over 85 posts!  One of these posts was my post titled, To Know Thyself is the Only Way to Overcome You.  As always here are a few of my favs:  Stumble Forwardgoes into 5 ways to keep your Debt Plan moving forward.  Continue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance – Financial Armageddon Edition

My post titled, “Nursing Home Expenses are Deductible” was chosen for this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, Financial Armageddon Edition, found at Master Your Card.  Here are some choice articles: Destroy Debt explains the Difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Great introduction for those that want tax info made simple. Financial Wellness ProgramContinue Reading

Carnival of Personal Finance #175

My article, “Stay Away from Seller Financing” was chosen to be featured in Carnival of Personal Finance #175 hosted by J. Money from Budgets are Sexy.  He threw me in the Finance section…but check out the whole carnival here. Here are some of my favs: Dan from Everyday Financing talks about his car buying HEREContinue Reading

What is the single most important initiative that the next administration should undertake to improve the economic health of the U.S. middle class?

I am participating in the first ever (well at least to my knowledge) Synchroblog associated with the personal finance realm.  I couldn’t find a good definition of a Synchroblog so I am going to make one up, A Synchroblog is joint writing/blogging where a common question or theme is posed to a select group ofContinue Reading