Carnival of Personal Finance #175

My article, “Stay Away from Seller Financing” was chosen to be featured in Carnival of Personal Finance #175 hosted by J. Money from Budgets are Sexy.  He threw me in the Finance section…but check out the whole carnival here.

Here are some of my favs:

  • Dan from Everyday Financing talks about his car buying HERE – I LOVE hearing about great deals people get from car dealerships.
  • ABC from ABCs of Investing discusses the types of asset classes-  I think ABC does a good job making complex investing information for the masses (similar to my goal).
  • Fitz from Ready to be Rich goes over how to lend friends money – Good suggestions but I couldn’t imagine lending friends large amounts of money.  I think he should have mentioned telling the friend to check out because then it is a 3rd party handling the “going after them party”, but hey that is just my opinion.
  • The Dividend Guy reminds us about Warren Buffet’s Rules to Investing – I have to start following these!

The carnival in it’s entirety is worth reading, but especially check out these links! 

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