What Would The British Do For Money


The current financial climate indicates that times are hard, so some free money would be a nice little bonus, wouldn’t it? Research carried out by UK based MoneySupermarket.com details how far the British are prepared to go for £400, which in the US equals $634. Based on the research, we found out half of the British population have never used a financial product that rewards them for spending, not even a reward credit card.

So that begged the question, what would they be prepared to do for $634? There were all sorts of suggestions, from being a crash-test dummy to simply licking a sidewalk. See the infographic above (you may need to zoom in to see the full responses) to see the full results of the survey, and ask yourself the question, would you lick a sidewalk for $634?

3 Responses to What Would The British Do For Money

  1. Daniel says:

    Lick the sidewalk? Hell yah! I think I’d do everything other than crash test dummy and skydive (although I’m planning on going for the first time in a few weeks, so I should probably just take the money!).

  2. Leslie says:

    Well I paid to skydive but I would much rather be paid to do it! It was a great time!

  3. Stand in line for four hours and write a 1,000-word essay come in BELOW lick the pavement? That’s amazing.

    Suggests I should be getting paid £400 every day, for blogging. :-D

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