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I was turned on to Empty Cabin Media by a great blogger Larry who runs Gather Little by Little.  Larrry has,

significant experience starting, growing and optimizing blogs and web-sites on the internet.  I’m also an IT manager and prior to that was a software architect, designer and developer.  I’m very knowledgeable in the areas of WordPress, SEO, design, traffic generation, database design, and software development.  Overall I have more than 28 years of programming experience and more than 12 years designing and building websites including some of the critical online components for the company where I am employed.  I received a BS degree in Computer Science in 1992.

Empty Cabin Media provides,

  • Free Blog Analysis. Not sure if your blog needs help?  No problem, we’ll spend some time evaluating it and respond with some areas that could be improved.  You then respond back with how you would like us to help you, and we’ll offer a quote for the requested work.
  • Hourly based coaching. Just have some questions and are interested in some personalized coaching?  Empty Cabin Media provides live and over the phone consulting available at no extra fee.  Coaching over the phone provides a more interactive and personal perspective to the process.  We utilize tools that will allow us to work together on the same screen so we don’t just tell you what to do, we show you.
  • Soup to nuts implementation. Maybe you just want to have your blog set-up for you and just begin writing.  No problem.  We can register a domain for you, set-up hosting, install WordPress and do all the configuration and set-up for you.  We will of course work closely with you to make sure the end result is exactly what you want.
  • Training. Have a blog, but feel overwhelmed with WordPress?  Empty Cabin Media can provide you with interactive training sessions that will get you up to speed in no time.
  • Maintenance and upgrades. We can maintain your blog for you, update it to the latest version of WordPress, install plugins, and even move your site to another host.  You need something done, we can do it.
  • Personalized and targeted consulting. The web is full of sites and blogs that tell you how to make your blog better.  These all provide very general advice that will possibly work on your site, but that isn’t specific to your site.  Empty Cabin Media provides site targeted blog consulting and blog coaching.  We provide advice, training, and assistance that is geared specifically at you and for your blog.

So I signed up for their free blog analysis, and within 24 to 48 hours I got a professional 5 page PDF which highlighted over 10 topics! Luckily, he liked my content and  informal writing style but there was some visual and behind the scenes stuff which had to be fixed.  I followed a lot of the suggestions he made, but more importantly, if you have no clue how to, you can employ Empty Cabin Media to do the heavy lifting while you focus on your content.

In the end, if you have a blog or other website, you must check out Empty Cabin Media, and as always check out Gather Little by Little.

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