Best Money Savings Tip – Go Metro

Best Money Savings Tip – Go Metro

For years I took driving for granted. I never connected the dots that driving actually costs me hard earned money. I just thought of it as part of life for living in southern California. Perhaps we should change that phrase to death, taxes, and driving expenses! Obviously we can’t walk anywhere since many places of interest are wide spread throughout the region. A car became a necessary evil and I never thought twice about it like breathing.

Asian Influence

After visiting Taiwan and Korea, a whole new world appeared. I discovered a very efficient way of getting around the country. I had always wanted to give it a try in SoCal, but was lazy, made excuses, or never followed through. This time, I was moved to give my area’s public transportation a try.

Home in the USA

I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn’t compare to the ones found in Asia, but it did the job for a fair price. Using the website, it even estimates how much you saved compared to driving. Not only do you save money, you save time as you can actually be productive while you ride. It’s safer too as you don’t have to worry about emailing, texting, and making phone calls while driving your car through the concrete jungle.

Time is money as well, so you are getting double the savings. With that time, you can catch up on work or even spend time on your blog!

Off to the Buses

After moving apartments, I was troubled to find no metros in the area. Determined to get to know my neighborhood quicker and continue with my goal of using public transport, I didn’t give up and found two buses for my commute. The same metro website allows you to find your bus route options and gives you that lovely bonus of how much money you saved. Last but not least, it lessens the already congested freeways and helps our ailing planet. Triple bonus score!

What do you do to save money? Does it also save you time and the planet as well?

This post comes from Buck Inspire who tries to live a fulfilled life within his means, delves into personal finance, and adds a splash of dining, entertainment, pop culture, and travel.

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19 Responses to Best Money Savings Tip – Go Metro

  1. The same goes for most of Europe too! Given a choice (more reliable methods of public transport), people would consider not using their cars!

    • Ooops, how could I forget about Europe! :) I did try rails in France. It did the job, but more run down and not as clean as the ones in Asia. When I was younger, I thought public transport was lame. Who knows, wanted to be cool in the car. But now that I am wiser, public transport is the way to go!

  2. I mix driving and using TriMet (Portland’s public transit) to commute to/from work. We have only one vehicle but my father-in-law leaves a vehicle here and only needs it when he is in town. Since the car would just be sitting he let’s me use it. I enjoy driving because it cuts my commute from a little over an hour via public transit to 20 minutes when I drive.

  3. Unfortunately, I can not use public transportation to go to work, but I only drive 14 miles one way. In the past, I have use car pools. One of the best cost savers for me is maintaining my car. I get 28 MPG average and only fill up once every 2 weeks.

      • It is a consistent 20 minutes because I go against traffic. My car is a 16 year old Honda Accord Coupe. I find it amazing how little the mpg has improved in 16 years. The 2011 version gets 33 mpg.

        • 20 minutes is a nice drive. Can’t go wrong with Hondas. 16 years? Wow, you must be maintaining it well. That is odd mpg hasn’t improved… Conspiracy for us to continue to spend all our money on gas! :)

  4. Buck, the next step for you is to get rid of the car! That is where the huge saving will come in. We both take public transport and share one car. We save on car payment, maintenance, gas, insurance, parking, etc… We still need one car for the weekend though.

  5. I’m always amazed by people we know that simply don’t own cars. It’s so foreign to me. They have to mooch rides when they want to get back into town or do something outside the city. But it’s not affordable or practical to keep a car in the city. I guess that’s why it’s a place I like to visit but not one where I’d want to live. I hate being dependent upon others.

    • Giving up the car is a huge step. There is a dependency for when you really need one. Guess everyone needs to analyze their situation. I have friends in NYC where they have given up their car because everywhere they go they can get to it with subways! :)

  6. Unfortunately, we live in a city with no mass transit system, but my 1-way commute is only 12 miles. If we lived further out in the country, I’d readily switch to a diesel VW or similar. What I like about Asia (Shanghai) is the easy availability of cabs, trains and other options.

  7. Japan has the best system ever! I have been and lived in several countries, and their transportation does not compare with any of them. I am a bit wispy at the state they are in–Japan holds a special place in my heart.

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