Award Winning OptionsXpress Discount Broker Review

OptionsXPress is a well known online discount broker that has been around since the beginning of online discount brokers (way back in the 2000) providing services for options, stocks, futures, mutual funds and fixed income investments.

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Online Discount Broker OptionsXPress Awards

The amount of Awards won by OptionsXPress year after year is staggering,

  • Rated 4 Stars by Barron’s 9 years in a row
  • 5 Stars (Highest) by SmartMoney for their Trading Tools
  • Best of the Web by
  • Favorite Options by
  • Technology Fast 500 Rising Star by Deloitte

Extras and Tools Provided by OptionsXPress

OptionsXpress has a variety of powerful tools for smallest of traders to the largest of traders.

  • The Dragon allows you “ ‘slay’ the market! Scan for stocks and options that match your chosen criteria—from stock activity to P/E plays to percentage change. The Dragon ranks the top 50 results from your search with convenient links to pre-populated order forms, options chains and charts.
  • StrategyScan helps you “Find an investment strategy that aligns with your investing goals, trading experience and risk level. Preview up to three opportunities based on your criteria—complete with maximum potential gain, risk profile and profit and loss characteristics—or view a matrix of up to nine different possibilities.”
  • Chart Patterns “Start with variables like market capitalization, time frame, price range and trend and funnel down the investing universe into an easy-to-read chart of up to twenty stocks ranked by how closely they meet your interests and spending limits. Technical traders can take advantage of Advanced Chart Patterns to map out double bottoms, wedges, pennants and more.”
  • Xtend is OptionsXPress’ “sleek, downloadable trading console is perfect for sophisticated traders looking for more power and control. Customize the look and feel of this dynamic streaming platform to fit your individual trading style and take advantage of convenient one-click access to strategies, ladders, watch lists and more.”
  • Streaming Quotes lets you “Trade like the big guys with this FREE, all-in-one trading console for your desktop. Trade stocks, options, spreads, and futures with streaming quotes, and customize the layout to display only those features that are most important to your day-to-day trading style.”

Those are just 5 of the 30 tools they have for investors of all sizes.

Free Investor Education & Virtual Trading  Platform

OptionsXPress has a series of free videos ranging from an introduction to an stocks to an understanding futures investing.  You don’t even need to create an account! OptionsXPress even provides account holders with a free virtual trading account to test all your theories before trying them out!

OptionsXPress Price Comparison

OptionsXPress Price Comparison

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