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History meets gaming – the oldest casinos in Europe

Europe was the birthplace of the casino industry, which has turned Las Vegas and Atlantic City into veritable Meccas for gamblers – and made several individuals filthy rich. But Europe was for a long time subject to a prohibition on gambling, which has caused most such establishments to close. But the buildings – those marvelous… Continue Reading

November 2015 Net Worth Update

For the past few years, I would take a few minutes at the beginning of each month to calculate my net worth.  I then share how much it has grown (or recently shrank) both month over month and year to date. Calculating my Net Worth My Assets My Cash Savings Accounts – I only really… Continue Reading

Saving for a Better Future

If you start out with the aim of retiring at a certain age then you need to be in control of your finances. While it is not a perfect science because of the fluctuations in growth rates you can at least make some assumptions about what you will need to have in place and therefore… Continue Reading

How to Transfer Money Overseas, Fast and Cheap

People have to transfer currencies to overseas destinations for many reasons. If you’ve never had to do so, it’s likely that you’ve never given the process any thought at all. But in our increasingly international community, it is becoming necessary for the average person to move some money around the world every once in awhile.… Continue Reading