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Creating my February 2016 Undervalued Dividend Watch List

Every month I try to find undervalued consistent dividend paying stocks that have increased their dividend for 20+ years.  I love consistent dividend paying stocks for one main reason – creating a reliable stream of income that will increase with inflation.  I wish this account was bigger, but it is currently only a fraction of… Continue Reading

How to make UK business law work for you

Some small business-owners argue that they are burdened, rather than assisted, by the volume and complexity of laws with which they must comply. However, by keeping abreast of the legislation, businesses will find it assists them and prevents them from experiencing problems further down the line. Does business law help or hinder companies? Although some… Continue Reading

DollarDig Review

Dollar Dig is a retail receipt website that allows customers to purchase items directly from manufacturers while getting money back. Dollar Dig works by passing along funds to the user that are given to websites by companies for attracting customers. While there are many coupon websites, none quite serve their customers in the same way… Continue Reading

Preparing to Meet My Accountant

For the past 7 or 8 years I have used an accountant to prepare my taxes.  The reason I switched over from turbo tax or some other do it yourself method was because when I got married The Wife’s taxes were a little bit more complicated.  Before I got married all I had was a… Continue Reading

Net Worth Update February 2016

Ouch.  I knew even before calculating my net worth this month it was going to be particularly terrible.  To put it lightly the market took a complete shit, and in terms of my net worth I am almost completely correlated to the market.  When the broad market moves one way so does my net worth. … Continue Reading