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Ignoring The Wolf of Wall Street and getting ahead in finance

The world of finance hasn’t exactly been having a good time in the media, has it? Since the economic meltdown of 2008, the vision of the fat cat banker has made the rounds in the public image, with films like The Wolf of Wall Street, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps and Blue Jasmine showcasingContinue Reading

How to Delegate Without Losing Control

Good leaders delegate. As an entrepreneur, you have probably heard this a thousand times from business development experts, mentors and business course professors while you worked to earn your MBA degree. You know that delegating less important tasks frees up time to work on strategic objectives, but if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you find lettingContinue Reading

A Confusing But Common Estate and Life Insurance Decision

I participate in a lot of financial and estate plans, and there is a common distribution technique I never understood.  The worst part, is that it almost always unintentional.  I think most people would would agree that a child who has lost both of his or her parents should not receive money outright, and as such, hisContinue Reading

Financial Assistance When Facing an Emergency

If you are currently facing an emergency and are in need of money fast, you may be tempted to take out a payday loan. While this may in fact provide temporary relief, it is likely to cause you even more financial problems in the future. In addition, these types of loans often include higher feesContinue Reading

Finally Switching to a Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

I have been with the same cell phone company, Sprint, for almost a decade at this point, but later this month I am finally taking the leap and moving to a different carrier.  For the first time in that decade history with Sprint I have made the 2 years without needing a new phone.  AlthoughContinue Reading

Should One Calculate Projected Forward 12 Month Dividends?

I saw a post by a blogger named Write2Reality who wrote about calculating/projecting his forward 12 month dividends that got me thinking whether this is useful data for most.  Despite not agreeing with W2R I would recommend checking out his blog; an engaging blogger with great content (a rarity today). Is Calculating a Projected Forward 12Continue Reading